New to growing, can't decide between fluorescent vs MH for veg

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    I've been watching over mr green's setup on youtube and I decided to get into growing my own bud. I have decided to go with hydroponic over soil to speed up the process. I'm planning on going 600W HPS for the flowering room, but i'm not sure if I should go fluorescent or metal halide for my veg room. I would like to order it all from one website, I have been looking at

    For my HPS light I have been thinking of going:

    for my flowering room. The prices between the Metal Halide 400W vs the fluorescent 250W is about $100 different.



    Of coarse, i'd be paying more power for the MH, my question is tho, how much faster are we talking if I go MH over fluorescent? Are their any other advantages of MH over fluorescent besides speed and saving power?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. go with the flouro for less heat
  3. if heat isnt a issue, a mh will grow faster a little in veg, and a 600 hps way faster and bigger buds in flower stage
  4. I'm planning on growing it in the basement, heat isn't really an issue. Should I go with the 400W MH or 600W MH?

    Also, is their any advantage of fluorescent over MH besides less heat/cost?
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    How many plants are we talking? That would be the first step to determine your watt. Also I would suggest going with the MH. A Metal Halide bulb when used to grow cannabis in the vegetative stage is switched with High Pressure Sodium bulb the combination proves higher yeilds than that of a fluorescent fixture. Personally I desire quality above anything and I wouldnt hesistate to make the extra investment especially in the arena of lighting.
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    I'm planning on starting with about 4 plants. Then i'm going to clone off of the plants that look to be good.

    So 600W hps for the flowering and a 400W MH for the veg? that sound good?

    Also, what do you guys think of my 600W hps i'm going to buy, and possibly the 400W MH? Should I even go 400W MH or should I get more juice and get a 600W MH?

  7. Yea that sounds about right although 4 plants with a 600w or even 400w seems like a lot of light just watch the distance between the top of the plants and the lights give them at least 2 to 3 feet. Otherwise you might scorch her
  8. Awesome, yeah i'll watch the temp and i'll even test it with my hand to see if its too hot. If it is, then of coarse i'll move it higher.

    Thanks much for the help.
  9. your 400 w MH is perfect for veg in your situ, and your 600 W HPS will do the job to perfection as well

  10. i agree with the HelperMan :) goooood luck
  11. Go with cfls, if your on a budget
  12. Do not get your ballasts from HTG supply!!!! They sell cheap chineese crap and it WILL die on you. I bought two 1000W hps ballasts from them and the transformers in each of them fried in less than 8 months. Get something made in the US... you won't be sorry.
  13. did you get the digital ballast from them? thats where ive been planning on getting my light and ballast from
  14. I'll just take the warrenty on the lights, just incase of they die out i can easily replace them.
  15. they replace them, right?
  16. It says standard warrenty for free, that probably lasts 1 year. It also has an option to take a $40 warrenty for the lights for 4 years tho. $80 for both lights on a 4 year warrenty is no biggie.
  17. fluorescents will be better ,less wattage les heat,less problems.
    and for tha looser with the burn 1000 w`s you need i surge protector for your lights.

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