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New to Grape God, Does this look ready @D62?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Dustybowlz, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. -This is my first garden
    -The strain is Grape god
    -There are 2 pheno types
    *lime greeen flower time 50-55
    *Deep purple flower time 60-70 (I can only find info on this pheno from forums and not from breeders)
    -I started flushing on day 50. I expected to pull them around day 65.
    -I am at day 62 right now.
    -I have been flushing 12 days.
    -Currently 90% of the hairs are red and the trich's are, what look to be, all clowdy. I dont see any amber though.
    -I cut a tester to use a 100X scope and still dont see amber.

    Is there any problems to just keep feeding them water? How much longer could I go before I have an issue with lack of nutes?



  2. Damn that looks dank, yeah pull em when you are going to, or maybe a few days after. I usually like to atleast see a decent amount of amber trichs before I pull ~10-20%

  3. Thanks this is my first grow.

    I have been going off of the BIBLE, but watching a did on you tube, George Cervantis goes back on what he says about amer and says with the new hybrids it isn't required for max potency.

    Any thoughts
  4. I just left my local co-op and they say I went to long. They said I should of pulled them yesterday but if all else fails pull them as soon as I get home...
  5. Nice looking buds.

    63 days is nine weeks and most strains go for 8-10 weeks so I wouldn't say you went too long. Theres lot's of different ideas out there on when to harvest, just harvest when you think they're ready.
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    Great job bro! Dont sweat it a day or two wont effect the final product much.But like one of the responders said ..I hope you at least started flushing.

    Edit* i should have read the whole post first before making the flushing comment...Dude your right on schedule make sure you dry and cure it properly but im sure you know that as this is your first grow and i can tell you have done your home work.
  7. I will start harvesting branch by branch TONIGHT.

    I was looking closer at the tester i cut and she looks ripe!

    I thought the final product im used to had shorter red hairs tho? Oh well
  8. Theres no rule that says you gotta harvest em all at once, In strange cases the branches dont get all the same light treatment so I pull the top ones off first exposing the bottom ones, sometimes ill have a quick sample and see how i did but as far as knowing the best of the best time to harvest it takes a few grows. Those look ready to me.. if you got the grapegod at a dispensary then trust the people who sold you the clones if no, trust yourself and your personal taste.
  9. Uhggg I ordered 5 GG beans from attitude and not 1 of them popped, in the same batch I had 20 other seeds that did and never figured out why the GG didn't. Those are beautiful man its a shame mine didn't work out. Props!
  10. id say all mj strains have a decent size window of days to harvest no matter what the breeders say.

    obviously you wont want 100% clear but once 50-75% or majority of all trichs have turned milky its really just a preference after that. the more milky/clear trichs you have the more sativa like/heady/racy the buzz will be...the more milky/amber trichs the more indica in effect.

    at this point id say its however you want the buzz to be. my personal preference on a strain like this would probably be 50/50 milky/amber or at least 20% amber.
  11. i agree with this!

    i forgot to mention that i usually never harvest all the plants at once...usually i work from the tops down on all the plants as they become mature enough (this way the lower branches get time to have the trichs change to what i want them to be as usually the lower branches lag behind in maturity).

  12. I will be doing this next time. I wanted to have a variety of smoke on one plant to determin what type smoke I want and when to harvest.

    Thanks for the tip though!
  13. I cut them down!

    This is my first grow and this is my first harvest!

    Thanks everyone for the tips!

    (Main cola, Not that big I know, but my wife said I should throw this photo in :D)



    I dont have that great of a space to dry ATM but this works.... I have,
    -A heater on a timer set to 75*
    -The temp other wise stays at 70-72
    -A humidifier in there to keep RH at 45-55% (its cold out side here)
    -The overhead fan is running
    -Room is 100% dark

    Does this sound good or should I change somthing?

    It smells soo pungent and I dont want to strip the terpines and smells and flavor out. The bible says this is "ideal".... Yea, Nea?

    Oh and what am I looking for to know when to stop drying and start jaring. IS IT AS SIMPLE AS SNAPPING THE STEM? DOES BUD "FEEL" PLAY ANY ROLE OR?

  14. looks damn good, nice job!
  15. Thanks!

    This is only the begining!
  16. just cut my babies down, all cfl grow? got 2oz

  17. Nice cfl grow!! I started with cfl's too. I just got it all switched to hid's before i was finished.

    I think ill get atleast a zone per plant.
  18. Nice job, especially for your first grow :hello:
  19. Can't wait for updated pics. LOVE GRAPEGOD

  20. num num num that looks like some tasty tree

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