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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TaltTokesToo, May 6, 2011.

  1. Sup from Michigan Gc! Im new to the community, but have lurked a bit for some tips and tricks:rolleyes: and well, finally decided it was time to join up! Ive been toking for abt a year and have been loving every Minute of it! For the most part i toke up for my insomnia as well as just to enjoy it! Sadly i just got a root canal as well as another filling today, but i got me a 1/4 of sum mids to ease the pain:D. Hows every 1 else?
  2. Welcome to the city man! Be sure to check out the posting guidelines (they're easy to follow!) because a clean city is a happy city! :)

    You're in MI? I'm from Iowa but I live in Cali. Didn't want to face another midwest winter :p

    Is it warming up over there?
  3. Thanks! I actually read thru em b4 posting :p Its been a Great day out today! finally was able to enjoy it in the early evening. I actually really hope to head out to cali sometime only been there once. And Btw love the pic and the pic in the signature Zelda is my favorite series, and Ocarina of time is my 2nd fav game ever!
  4. Zelda's the shizz :cool:

    Cali is awesome as fuck dude. Coming from Iowa to here was a huge culture shock. It seems the midwest is way more chillax and slow paced, everyone out here is all gogogogogogo. Its beautiful though, one of the first things I said was "There's fucking palm trees everywhere! Fucking palm trees!" Lol, they're all up in my backyard in shit too its crazy.

    And the ocean makes the journey all worth it man, the ocean is the fucking cat's pajamas.
  5. Aww, im just picturing the ocean noww, seriously palm trees and the ocean sound like the greatest thing in the world right now. The furthest ive been from home in like 6 years is cedar point -_- not all that bad but nothing like being out west... the 2 weeks i spent there in 04 were some of the best 2 weeks ive ever had!

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