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  1. Hey all,

    I'm new here, but have been smoking since '68. My forty year anniversary behind the pipe is coming up in December. Things have changed a bit in my circumstances of late, since my "Kind Friend" has gotten involved in a messy divorce/custody deal…dry times have ensued. I'm looking for some local folks to get to know. I have moved around some over the years and haven't had trouble finding new friends, but let's face it. I'm fifty-three, don't have my long hair and don't live in a medical marijuana state. It could be a long exposition. I don't want to sound needy or narc-like. Guess I'll just look around, get involved in this forum and see where fate takes me.
    Peace, Love and Nugs.
  2. Welcome :wave:

    I'm in the same position... have no steady job and $80 somethin bucks in the account... so I've been sober for a couple days now...

    oh well, consider it a tolerance break and move on

    Assuming you have your own place, you could always give growing a go :eek:
  3. welcome to the city man! I live in lincoln, we arent too far apart from each other heh. Hope you enjoy it here.. almost sure you will. You're also a smoking veteran which is most impressive.

    have a good one man :smoking:
  4. Thanks for the welcome, Saladfingers! Lincoln is a good town. I spent a decade or so in Lawrence, KS - home of the Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers Association. Lincoln has a very similar vibe... I don't know anyone there but friends of my wife's. I may have to pick her database re: the Kind.
  5. Hey Bro welcome im new here also so kewl im in the southwest so no real help there but thought id say hey ( oh wait i did) and salute you i just made 20 behind that line and i dtill have my hair (on my head) its a hard road but i walk with my head in the clouds
  6. Hi back, Madman.
    Yup, it can be a hard row to hoe. I and many of the Brothers and Sisters of the olden days expected enlightenment to be attained by now, even by the lawmakers and government apparatchiks. Instead we are still rackin' and stackin' people in prisons in record numbers over a plant that was part of the official U.S. Pharmacopoeia until the 30's, and grows freely on our soil.
    What a supreme waste of taxpayer dollars and family heartache… You would think even the greedheads would think of allowing us our sacrament, with a cut of tax money to fatten their wallets.
    Hi ho.
    Keep your head in the clouds, keep that illegal smile and keep on truckin', Bro.
  7. And there ya said it my freind grows freely but I must say its also true nothings free these days my freely costs about a grand a month oh plus the electric bill but I have that answer for the answerman
  8. Welcome to the forums! 39 years sure is impressive. I'm from Omaha too, not too bad of a place to be baked.
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    woo...omaha smokers...get high outside more so all the squares in omaha will finally learn to chill around grass

    welcome to the forum
  10. Funkganga-
    I'm all about that wake and bake. Good for the old bones. I read recently that MJ helps stave off the effects of aging by binding accumulated free radicals (the equivalent of rust in human beings).
    See - all you new users can start now to prevent the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles; and stiff arthritic joints! It's all good…
  11. I was in a similar circumstance just one month ago when I moved from my three-year "weed hiatus and study" living conditions (3/4 way house) to the current apartment and decided to start smoking again.

    Now, I've got two steady "friends" who know somebody, and the second one has just started coming through with the best weed I've seen in Omaha in .. four or five years. Mind you, I wasn't getting any "Pumpkin Express", but it was decent, and this is actually good.

    SOOOOoooo .. seeing as how I hate smoking alone .. we should make cautious steps towards a meeting in a few days so that I can smoke you two buds out. :smoking:
  12. Nice to meet ya…
  13. .. and the same to you, sir and/or ma'am. :cool:

    To just lay some general (and gentle) 'letting you know whom you're speaking with' groundwork, both for this thread and for the Forums in general (I'm new to both), I'm ..
    . 38 yrs old, Male, ≈ 5'9" and ≈180lbs (could stand to loose 10).
    . . I used to be a computer programmer (in C and C++) for the U.S. Air Force.
    . . . I'm currently in a dead-and job and am searching for something better.
    . . . . I recently changed apartments, bought a motorcycle, and am feeling positive about life in general.

    And with that PUBLIC information established, we can now go on to converse with a bit more .. context than before. Continue, please? :rolleyes:
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    The war on the war thing freaks me out a little. Sorry.
  15. Welcome to the City!
  16. Hail to the Hempress! <bowing>

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