new to forum but not to matters of the head

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bearwalking, May 22, 2004.

  1. just wanted to say high guess im a old hippie mid 40s native american use smoke for recreation and also for vision quests upon the red road.been around a while i guess .2 rules in life never go straight home and never go home straight.
  2. Welcome to grasscity ,enjoy your time with us.:D
  3. thanks critter im in the u.s. visited sidney some time back beautiful country.really enjoyed my visit and the people were great to in the woods where i live plenty of hunting fishing and other recreation lol
  4. hey man welcome here im pretty new too, i just bought some necklaces and a little herb from this native american today
  5. l love the bush .

    But l,am stuck in town for now .

    "Sydney" ,Melbourne is my closest city.

    hey highgirly l,am tempted to come down there and hunt me one of those elks just to see the smile on your face :D
  6. have you ever looked in the mirror and realized how red your eyes get after having mango?

    (a little of subject)

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