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    Hey everyone,
    I am kind of new to growing, this is my second outdoor grow.I have 5 dj short's true blueberry that are beautiful! Only 5 made it out of 10.. I wanted to say hello and I have a question or two.

    I started my babies kinda late this year june 29.. In my own medium organic compost 1/2 and 1/2 Scott's organic topsoil sphagnum peat moss rice hulls and other organic compost.. I originally had them all in 2 gallon pots they ended up root bound and stopped growing 2 Weeks ago I put them in 5 gallon buckets their growing great again and healthy.. I am feeding them light every other water with Fox farm grow big and for flower fox farm tiger bloom..I live in southern Connecticut and last year my babies started flowering August 8,its August 25 today and they haven't even showed their sex let alone preflower.. This is a 9-10 week strain and it's cutting close to end of October then. Is anyone else having this problem is their a way I can give them a kick in the ass without shocking and Hermie them. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated... I posted a few pictures..

    Edit; I just talked with two of my buddy's and one is doing true blueberry and been flowering for two weeks.. The other is doing Royal queen seeds amnesia haze and haze berry samething three weeks into flower...WTF!!! don't understand why mine aren't. One lives 15 miles away from me and the other 5 miles so its not the latitude

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  2. Bump!!! No one?!?!
    I see smaller plants flowering.. Can someone help me out? thanks!
  3. Start using beastie bloom (fox farm) that should start your bud sites, that's what I do, it works every time. Don't worry, they will get going pretty quick. Im just a few states north of you.
  4. Also, see you have them in buckets if you can move them out of direct sunlight, if you are that worried, might kick start the flowering process.
  5. Hey,thanks for the info "Double oh".. I gave them their first half shot of fox farm tiger bloom (1 1/2 teaspoon per gallon) I put them in a spot where they only get about 5 hours of direct sunlight at about 1-130 to 6-630. Sure enough they sexed and can't believe they are all females. So they have been flowering for 1 week this Thursday will be start of week 2... Thanks "Double oh" for your help I really appreciate it! This Wednesday I'll have a little $$ to buy stuff for the flowering stage any suggestions on special micro nutrients, vitamin's etc. I should get the ladies?
  6. Glad to hear the ladies are doing well. I use fox farm cha Ching in the late stages of flowering. Lil pricey but gets the buds nice and dank. There are of course alternatives, Makes them full and resin filled. Another thing you could do is just use some molasses mixed with Luke warm water, they like the sugar in the late stage. Just wanna stop the nitrogen now and concentrate on what they need in the flowering stage. Good luck friend
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    Yes they are doing beautiful! Yeah I might try the ca Ching and all the powder fox farm mix's next grow season or when I get my indoor tent. I also heard of molasses in the water also I think I'm going to try that out... I also have a problem with these little white bugs. They are not white fly's they are something else,I can't figure out what they are.. They are fall over the leaves not to bad but I'd say 10-15 on each plant under and on the top of the leaves.. I sprayed sevin bug killer but don't wanna do to much since the ladies are flowering..


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  8. Create a new topic in plant problems and issues section as I am unaware of what that is or what you should do about it at this stage. Neem oil maybe but not sure. Put that pic in with your topic!!!!
  9. Hey guys,thought I would give an update on the grow... Since it was on the hush,hush.. I did a lot more on my buddy's seed research.. Come to find out the strain was MTG SEEDS LIMITED SEEDS CALLED "TRU BLUE" Blue Dream X Turbo Diesel.. . After looking through his seed stash all the DJ short seeds were in the original package.. That fucker said he gave me the seeds this year and forgot to tell me they were MTG SEEDS.. But anyway I harvested one last weeek. Out of the five females 2 were the blue pheno with purple leaves and bud.. The other three are green pheno that's alittle taller and the fuel/lemon smell is beautiful.. And here are some pictures! Cheers,legalize everywhere!! IMG_20141031_093250915.jpg

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  11. haha i bet that just blew your mind when you found out what they were hahaha just the answer to all your questions hahaha. they look good man, happy harvest :D
  12. little up date on the plants.. Well yesterday we had a really hard frost 25 F,one week before harvest.. I went out at 5AM to check the last 4 ladies to see if the needed anything.. Sure enough frozen! They lived through cold like that before,I freaked out and at 5AM till 10AM I HAD TO DO AN EMERGENCY HARVEST :-*( ONE WEEK EARLY.. Any way here they are... Sad to see them go.

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