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New to Edibles question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Lobst3r, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I want to try firecrackers tonight but I was wondering how much bud I have to put in them if my tolerance from regular smoking is high? It usually takes me about 2 bong bowls to feel a good high. I know these are way different but I'm just curious.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. I'd say give yourself a good 1-2 gram dose, firecrackers can be made in small batches which make them perfect for single or just a few doses. And hey, you can't overdose, so go for gold right?

  3. I'm gonna respectfully add on to this/slightly disagree

    Go for two grams, but make four individual crackers with .5 each.

    Two bowls off a bong isn't incredibly high tolerance, assuming you smoke only two bowls a day so maybee you should go for gold just yet.

    I say eat two .5 crackers and wait two hours

    if you like where you're at, look! you have two more crackers to get high with again!

    but if not eat the other 1 or 2 crackers depending on how you feel

    of course nothing could go wrong if you ate all the two grams at once, actually just eat an entire ounce why not?


    not trying to be a dick, but things can definitely go bad if you eat more cannabis than your body desires

    there are countless stories here...

    In all honesty though 1 gram is a respectable dose even if you have a high tolerance, and especially if you typically smoke or vape
  4. Perhaps, you're right though, it all is up to individual tolerance. But it sounds like his tolerance is very high if it takes two bong loads to get high in the first place. I get annihilated from my bong in one bowl, and I have a huge tolerance when it comes to edibles, sometimes eating 4-5 brownies from a batch containing an oz. So that's just my personal dosage, but maybe I was wrong to assume he is like me.

    Probably right though, 4 separate doses might be best if new to edibles.
  5. thanks guys, I think I'm going to try this today. I have an empty stomach atm and I'm about to prep these saltine crackers with a little over .5 since I don't have anymore than that. I figured I might as well try it out, and if it doesn't then I need a t-break anyway.

  6. How'd it pan out?

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