New to concentrates need help Guide to making?

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    I'm new to concentrates and they are so hard for me to get around here I don't know why. Tonight me and some friends are going to make some with a pizza manager at his pizza shop when it closes in the kitchen lmao. The problem is all my friends are throwing in and don't know what they will get back so I don't want to throw in because I say you should get 90 percent of what you make back fuck that. I have decided I will just make my own and keep all my shit. I need a really good guide to making concentrates. I'm not really familiar which kinds to make but I know of butane/ Iso. I bought a nail, dome cover and torch so I have all that. I just need a really good guide with possible pics. Also to anyone that makes this stuff. What is the number one rule for keeping safe during the process?

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    Look around on YouTube and you can find videos on how to make BHO(butane) or QWISO (isopropyl alc). NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER MAKE BHO INDOORS, IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND COULD POTENTIALLY HURT YOU ALOT. Butane settles to the ground and is highly flammable and cloud very easily be ignited. That being said if you go out doors to make BHO you should be fine, as long as there is a slight breeze to prevent the butane from pooling up on the ground. QWISO might be a better way for you to make concentrates, as it is simpler and safer, but isopropyl alcohol is flammable to, so be careful! Good luck with making concentrates, They're awesome!

    PS. Make sure your friends at the pizza place are not making BHO indoors as that would be very stupid and dangerous doing that in a kitchen. Also I found a video you might wanna check out on how to make QWISO,
  3. *Spoiler*: Stoners blow up local pizza shop making drugs in the kitchen
  4. dont do it in the kitchen of a pizza shop -_-
  5. Lol I ended up doing it with them and the dumb asses were lighting up in the there I went outside.
  6. Qwiso is so much safer than bho also very easy to make. Gives off a nice goral scent and taste when burned.

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