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New to buying

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alang, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Bought some weed off my dealer note that I finally found one that lives very close. Anyways last time I picked up from him he gave me some pretty good stuff. It was sticky orange hairs and smelled pretty good.but this time he gave me some pretty dry stuff but it smells like pine cone a little. decent amount of orange hairs. I'm just worried about it being dry. Haven't had a chance to smoke it but have any if you guys know if it's good or not.
  2. Being dry doesn't matter at all really, I guess it's gonna burn faster though. Dry/Moist doesn't effect potency.
  3. Fuck if I know.:cool:
  4. I'd have rather it be dry then moist. Post a picture maybe and we can help decide for you. Anyway, as long as it gets you high, it should be good.
  5. A good grow and maintaining bud to the fullest potential there should be a happy medium between moist and dry. But no, it being too dry doesn't necessarily make it worse. It could mean that it's older though

    Most people aren't going to receive buds straigt out the grow room so I'm sure whatever you have is great if it's dank and gets you high
  6. If it's more dry, it's just going to hit harder and have more harsh smoke.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Idk I've zen pictures of really "good weed" and this doesn't look like anything of it. But I'm about to smoke it I'll let you guys know.heres a picture

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  8. Hmmmmmm this weed it's definitely a mind high
  9. it looks like some sativa dominant shit. it looks like a fluffy bud. probably outdoor grown. any seeds in it?
  10. I mean It doesnt look terrible, but with a new dealer Its just good to get what you pay for and know that and let your dealer know the same but I think you will do okay with the guy you have now. Good luck!
  11. Tell him to trim those buds
  12. Yeah I guess that's what I meant that it felt fluffy. And yeah just two.
  13. ok man. it seems its a sativa. do you get a head high? most likely. it looks like some really good mids. how much do you pay for it? and also, i would hella plant them seeds if you can do like an indoor micro grow. if not, wait till next year, but dont toss the. its dry because they let it get completely dry before curing it. if you want it to be moist again, put it in a jar with an orange peel for a few hours to a day. just dont let the bud touch the orange peel. that will put moisture back into it.
  14. Oh...Still, fuck if I know.:cool:
  15. good thing u got actual weed bruh.

    congratulations and smoke it up.
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    Yeah, head high. it's actually really good. Yeah I'm and 20 a g. I am defiantly going to
  17. #17 Alang, Aug 2, 2011
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    Haha :p
  18. as i suspected, its a strong sativa. that's why the bud feels fluffy and loose. you get a nice head high, and a slight body twitch. lol. you should be getting it between $5 and $10 a gram since it has seeds in it. all in all, a good score i do believe.
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    Thanks. you've been very helpful.:)
  20. its cool. i love sativa's. lol.

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