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New To Bongs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ColloDrollo, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. So I bought a medium sized bong (with no carb) and I have a question
    I dont get how to smoke from it. Like people say "Suck it while you're lighting the bowl then take out the stem and inhale the smoke once the tube is filled with smoke" I dont get that really. Like last night what I was doing was lighting the bowl until there was a bunch of smoke then taking carb out and smoking it. I dont get what the difference is between smoking and inhaling. Do you have to wait till smoke is full to "inhale"
    Sorry if I dont make much sense lol

  2. While youre lighting it with your mouth up to the bong, slowly inhale while you're lighting it, and then once its pretty loaded with smoke, take out the carb and take a really deep breath, then you can put the carb back on or whatever.
    thats pretty much as best as I can explain it to my knowledge. :confused_2:
  3. ^Yeah. While lighting, pull until the chamber is filled with milky white goodness. Pull the slide and inhale. You will get fucking blasted.
    Sweet that's pretty much how I did it yesterday and got ripped af lol. Was just wondering if that was the right way
    What do you mean "pull until the chamber is filled"?
  6. haha yaaaa buddy lol  :bongin:
  7. #7 Tree Of Life, Jun 12, 2013
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    In other words, inhale until the area where the smoke collects is filled with smoke. Basically just keep sucking in until there's a good amount of smoke in the pipe, then let go of the carb and inhale.
    Ah sweet. Thanks
  9. The goal is to "white wall" the bong. Slowly light the herb while sucking and then pull the "bowl" out. You can quickly catch your breath, or go right ahead and suck up all the smoke. For starters, I'd say catch your breath first. Then try and see how long you can hold your hit in. 

    Another good tip to save your weed, because most beginners do this, is to "corner" your weed. Try to only light the corner, this way you burn less herb and get the same amount of smoke. 
    Happy smoking! 
  10. OP, if you got high you did it right.

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