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    Hey blades, I rarely post on this forum, but have been a gc reader for a while. I've never posted in this section of the city but I was smoking and got a revelation and felt the urge to share it with others.
    *I'm not sure if this idea is new or has been pondered already I just wanted to type it all out as it was coming to me fresh in my mind*

    I got to this train of thought while reading in the organic growing section. I realized that there is a whole world of stuff going on in the ground under us. It's so small that few of us stop to look and watch. We can and do have an impact on that world every day. (whether we realize it or not). What if what ever is after space, is another dimension? One that has way more complex beings than us. What if we are a tiny part of a more complicated molecular like structure that completes another world in where much more complicated beings do similar things as us? What if God was a farmer in a world where they eat planets? So they all have little universes that they crop for food. What if we as life on this planet are what they are trying to promote before they harvest the food?

    Sorry if that didn't make any sense at all. I am deep in thought and stone at this point.:smoke::smoke:
  2. Yo... that's deep
  3. What if the earth is actually the size of a molecule, and the planets are actually sub-atomic particles floating around in an aether, and the whole outer space is actually just a small dark corner under some other grand spacious existence?

    What if all of our existence is just a dream that a higher being is experiencing?

    You know what my favorite thing about trees is? If we looked at them upside-down, they'd look basically the same. Branches are really just roots for the air.

    Philosophy is like Inception, you can ALWAYS go deeper! :)

    HAR HAR HEE blahg snarf hickle he hee
  4. I never thought about trees looking the same upside down haha I have always thought that same idea of the universe being an organism or something like an organism that is more complex than us
  5. This is the shit I think about when I'm stoned.
    It's so Mindblowing.
    I love sitting outside & smoking a bowl while observing nature. It's so much fun.:)
  6. I just thought of a new definition of a lie. Lie: a truth told at the wrong time
  7. I guess that's kind of a softer way of describing a lie. A good definition for a liar! but if you really think about it it seems true. Then again we are all liars... but we are also all bearers of truth..... really stoned again

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