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  1. This is merely for fun and in no way am I serious about this. Just something random I thought of.

    Ok, so you know how the whole universe is so big we can barely comprehend it?
    Well, think of the universe as a whole living being. Crazy I know, but bear with me. Now imagine that each galaxy as a cell. Then each solar system into an organelle. And smaller and smaller until you get to a piece of DNA, this could be the planets. When a star or planet supernova, it could just be a part of the cell dieing.

    Horribly thought out I know, but I rushed it at 2am in the morning so I'm tired. Feel free to add on. Credit due where it's supposed to be due.
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    Is it like this?
    Earth is the heart cos were the only planet that has weed hahahaha
  3. Sort of. But just imagine that the planets are that "person's" body cells.

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