New SYN and nug pics

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  1. Just got a new SYN bong in Asheville. 5mm thick with frosted glass above ice catchers witha dragon emblem and the SYN logo. Also picked up some Super Skunk and Afghan Trainwreck. :smoke: super skunk afghan trainwreck the bong if anyone knows what the piece of glass with four holes in the tube does, let me know. I think it is some sort of diffuser dragon emblem
  2. Thats an interesting design. And maybe that piece of glass is how a stemless filters if it doesn't have a perc?
  3. Pics aren't loading for me but I'm guessing that you are talking about a disc diffuser. The water level rises above it when you inhale and the smoke diffuses through the holes.
  4. dude thats a sick ass bong!
    like thats ridiculously cool looking
    +rep man, enjoy that! my new roor came in yesterday but I haven't gone to pick it up...
    hopefully I'll get it tomorrow so I can post pics
  5. first of all welcome to grass city and +rep for the camel turkish silver's.

    i am pretty sure that is a disc perc
  6. dude, i think you gotta fill the water up till the disc (1 cm above it). and it should bubble....
  7. yeah, it works great when you do that. Does the diffuser filter as much as a perc? I like it more personally because its a quicker hit.
  8. That is a "perc" dude, its not a diffuser. Its a stemless bong with a disc perc. And yes that perc is better than a regular diffuser.
  9. Sorry man but your wrong once agian, its called a Disk diffuser, NOT a disk perc.
    Its actualy a diffuser to diffuse the smoke bubbles.
    Look it up, try to find a "disk perc" online anywhere and you wont be able to, its called a disk diffuser

    And yes you fill it up just up to the disk diffuser or a little bit lower so when the smoke bubbles up on top of the water it bubbles through the holes in the disk, thus creating a smoother smoke
  10. yeahhhh thanks for the info what you think about the bud?

  11. Once again? wtf?? lol you are right it is a disc diffuser.... i thought it was called a disc perc because i have seen bongs that have 3 discs in them before and i thought they were considered percs.... not need to be rude homie.
  12. word, whenever you're mad at someone, chill and spark that blunt or snap that bowl, it'll put your shit in perspective...and you'll giggle a little :smoking:
  13. thanks for the info tsp....wondering what the physics were behind it +rep

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