NEW STUDY - Cannabis does not cause cancer

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  1. A study done at the University of California at Los Angeles has proven that cannabis smoking whether light or heavy does not cause cancer. Although tar from any smoke is unhealthy there is absolutely no link to causing cancer. The only link found between cannabis smokers and cancer is that it actually decreases the chances of getting certain types of cancer including that of the mouth and lungs.

    Below are some sources for the study and others of its kind.

  2. Good read, but something published in May of 2006 is by no means a "new study."
  3. Prop 19 is around the corner and this news is new to many people. Trust and believe that there is a major force behind keeping this under wraps and out of the public's eye.

    Simply sharing information :smoke:
  4. Both of those articles are from 06 how is that a new study?....
  5. Its not new, but this is a good quote to drop on anti-19 folks, if you can get them to listen

  6. But...............


    It's true and sad.
  7. Doesnt surprise me :cool:
    Gotta love that Mary Jane, shed never hurt you ;)
  8. Mary von Spliffenburg is the shit!

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