New Strain

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by an0nym0us, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I Found 11 Seeds of a New Strain in my sister trash can im gonna name it

    Trailer Trash

    Probaly gonna turn out to be some bullshit weed but at least i got me a Strain and it didnt cost me $20
  2. why not just spend 20$ to get some seeds you know is gonna turn out some dank chronic, instead of spending all that time to grow something that could turn out to be shwag.. I dunno just my suggestion.
  3. grow out those seeds.

    i've seen some grows with badseed turn into some DANK buds.

    all plants want to be dank.
  4. if i remember right the seeds i got come from some good okahoma bud
  5. ha good shit man
    good luck
  6. Just because you found these seeds and don't know the strain doesn't make them a new strain. New strains are unique, new genetic combinations.

  7. Well ill grow em and yall can tell me what kind they are .... i just planted 5 sprouts and know im hittin em with the Watts

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