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new strain?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Laughing Grass, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. I have an autoflower ak47xblueberry and a g13 purple skunk together in the same grow area and I have been thinking...what if the autoflower was a female and the purple skunk was a male and it pollinated the autoflower....would I create a new strain that I could name?
  2. itds already beeen done,its called ghetto kush
  3. Im gunna visit them in about a week or so (Its gunna rain tomorrow and thursday) and check the 2 plants out but i think thats how its gunna turn out in the end. All the g13 purple skunk journals I read show more males then females and I just have this weird feeling that the autoflower will be a female. I should be able to sex the autoflower soon though. The autoflower sprouted 3 weeks ago so I believe its gunna start the flowering stage in the next few days.
  4. For one, an Auto crossed w/ a regular strain will only produce apprx. 30% autos, which will result in many mutants in the middle of the mix. Second, it takes literally years to develope new strains. When you cross one strain w/ another, it produces seeds that give you 30% showing specific phenotypes of both plants, 30% showing primary phenotypes of the female strain used, and 30% showing specific phenotypes of the male used, the other 10% are usually mutant and unstable plants. When you are throwing an auto in there, it is even more irregular results b/c some will have auto traits, other won't, a higher % will be mutant, and it will take a very experienced and keen eye to know what plants to cross and produce more seed in the attempt to stablize the new cross, sometime they can never be stablized. As I have stated many times before, you can't just take one strain and corss it w/ another and have a new strain, it just does not work that way. It takes years of growing, crossing, cubing, etc... to even have a decently stablized F2.

  5. sounds good either way gk-47 skunkberry would be a comical name
  6. thanks for letting me know guys, I was thinking of making my own strain with various strains. I guess I cannot do it lol.....well i'll check my plants next week and show you guys some pic's. :D
  7. its not to say you cant do it... youd just need alot more knowledge, expertise as well as a much larger grow op so that you have more to choose from... ie only breeding the plants that show traits you want
  8. An easy way to think about it is if you put it into terms of dog breeding. If you breed a German Shepherd with a Border Collie... would you call the puppies a new breed? Not quite... it's just a mutt right? I tell you what though... some of the coolest looking dogs I've ever seen were mutts.

    Sure creating your own strain would be a bit of an undertaking... but if you want to breed those two plants you should go ahead and do it if you get the opportunity. F1 hybrids (first generation offspring of 2 true breeding strains) can produce some very high quality plants.

    I say go for it ;)
  9. Nobody is saying you can't do it, but it is not as simple as throwing some male pollen on a female plant. when you throw a auto strain in the mix, it is even more complicated. there is so much people just do not understand and then want to get a smart ass attitude when soem-one that has decades of experience in the growing and breeding tries their best to explain the process and why it takes time and a keen eye for phenotypes and specific charateristics to do it right. No high quality hybrid was created over by throwing around pollena dn saying "hey, I created a new strain". I have over 7 yrs in some of my crosses, at least 5 in the others. I have sent some sample seeds to various trusted and experienced growers to get some feedback and honest unbiased results.

    I'm not saying you can't do it, I'm just saying it is far more difficult to create your own strain than what you are planning and the results of such may be disappointing if not done w/ some care and being slective of what is placed where.

  10. You can make your own CROSSES but generally they are not considered new strains unless you've taken the time to stabilize good traits and weed out the bad. Making crosses is fun and I'd recommend it to anyone but I would not consider them actual new strains. Making a true strain takes a lot of time and work.
  11. My point exactly. I have worked on a Train Wreck(true Arcata cut clone) crossed w/ Santa Marta Columbian(the exact same Columbian used when Sam created Skunk #1...same seed stock) for over 7 yrs now. There are many aspects I'm very happy with, but there are also aspects I'm not fully satisfied with and want to work on it some more to get it where I want it. I presently have 8 strains I have worked on for at least 5 yrs, some more and it takes alot of work and dedication. I was not saying people can't do it, but just tossing around pollen on a female of a different strain is not creating a new strain.

  12. I didnt realise this, i think im going to buy a book on this if one exists and study up on this. It would just be neat to have the only strain of a type of bud that I created, ya know?
  13. There are many books available. You really do not even have to buy a book, there are several sites which have breeding techniques and information. It is fun growing your own strains. I have 8 presently all created by using true breeding lines, or IBL's, and there is a good chance that they have been done before, however it is still fun growing your own creations. I have yet to see a Train Wreck X Santa Marta Columbian though. Once you read up on breeding, you can possibly create a new auto strain since one of the strains you plan to cross is an auto. I wish I would have made seed stock w/ my auto AK and have thought about breaking down and buying a few auto strains to work with. Good luck and have fun.


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