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Discussion in 'General' started by MrGenetics, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. been messing around with pot for years now. But now I think I got a new type of weed. the way it grows with the second go around really has me excited. I have gene altered its looks and its sexual production. I knew all those years in bioligy would pay off... And the high is real high. like a good stupid body stone high that just makes you sit in a trance.if you smoke this stuff before work, you would be fired, you would not get any work done at all. Has a swell like hay. but tastes like a nice skunk mix. with a nice hit of spice. Hard to clone. was only able to get 6%return rate when I usally have a 94% rate.but,,,,,,,, the plants are all hermies that make kind of like a clone seedling. 98% of the seeds grow to the same plant, (the other 2% was mostly male)and in a quick maner.With a high resistance to mold,disease,bugs,and the human eye.I have not tried it out in the wild yet to see how prone it is to wild animals( they are bandits too ) but I will next year if things go right.The looks of the plants are close to that of brussel sprouts.the tallest I have had the plants are up to about 5 feet. It only resembles pot becauce of the nice buds. you can pretty much hedge your house with them with out anyone knowing if you keep them trimed.
  2. Post some pics of this new wonder strain :) Maybe I'll buy some seeds from you and go around my neighborhood planting them in everybody's yards as regular landscaping plants. Then around harvest time go on a neighborhood 'bud hunt'. :)

    And welcome to the City!
  3. that would be cool to see if u could stabalise it... and perhaps even manage to seperate the few females you get (i dont know how big your growing opperation is or if its big enough to try to do that) and perhaps stabilise them or a cross from them.
    it definately sounds like you have some interesting genetics on the go with this strain tho.

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