New strain tastes horrible in vape...what can i do?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by snelly, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I am a regular user, known supplier for over 20 yrs and has never done me wrong but I get this one strain rarely and the last time i had it, i really had a hard time handling the taste in my vape and i only vape, for health, taste and :) So anyways, i managed to suck it up that time but it looks like i got some of it again, only this time it's barely tolerable in the vape!! at first I thought it was me or plastic melting....the first time i smoked this kind it was a dirty yet perfumy taste but did what it needed to do, and that, i WAS happy with and again this time i have no problems in that dept...but this batch to me is just gross vapped and i don't know why. I thought it was me so i tried it in my pipe, burnt quick but tasted normal so i tried a joint that burnt good and tasted normal and again did its job:) BUT to vape it is BAD and i don't know what to do:/ The ONLY way i can describe the taste is like a strong horse raddish or hot mustard plant taste, i know that's a strange way to describe it but its all i could really think of! So what can/should i do? I don't mind adding something to it i might have at home or try doing something to it that alters the taste so it doesn't feel like i am smoking a mustard sandwich! Also why? why would a vape make such a huge difference with this one strain i get? The smell of it is ok, a bit on the flowery kind, nice buds, touch dry and when i looked at was nicely crystallized and didn't look anything out of the ordinary when i used my mag light. It def. isn't the "usual" stuff although looks like it and the high is like night and day...the irony is the high is really nice. Man I hope someone out here can help me with this cause i LOVE the taste of my vape:(
  2. Water cure it! Run a search- it's easy to do and takes just a couple of days.

    Or you could just smoke it. We got some Cindy 99 from the dispensary that was like that- nice smoke, not so nice vape!
  3. when I get shake from my dispensary SOMETIMES it will taste like bland marshmallows and dry hay. Seriously it would make you nauseous.

    I troop right through it though lol.
  4. Reg user so waiting a couple days wouldn't work but thanks for the quick response!:) i will also look up that name, i also just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with thing it does do that i find different, it gets me higher and literally i can feel my tense areas aching after from muscle relaxation, it's just so unfortunate about that taste. I also need 1/4 of the amount i would use normally....
  5. You can try adding in a little ground up clove too, should cover the taste and it makes it even smoother.
  6. If it's 4 times as potent and tastes terrible when vaped, you might have gotten bud that was sprayed with a homemade JWH synthetic blend. It's so ridiculously cheap to turn the schwaggiest of bud into "one hitter quitter" like that. Maybe make edibles with that batch
  7. Turn it into hash! many ways to choose from..
    Depending on what you make you can use it different ways.

    If you make an oil you can vape it off a hot knife/nail/skillet...

    Make a solid form hash and you can just pop small broken chunks of it it in your vape. might seem like it's not working at first but once it gets going.... lol..

    Personally, I like me some oil.

  8. BHO = problem solved
    or cook up some buttah
  9. Whip up some cookies, problem solved.
  10. Thanks for all your great ideas:) I am a vape snob unfortunately and have tried the other things before, either a pain in the butt to do or i didn't care for it. Anyways, i tried it in the vape this morning hoping something had changed:p nope:/ I didn't get so much this time as i normally do so i am pleased about that so i don't have to be stuck with this for long! I have found that the only tolerable way to vape it, is if i half vape some first and mix it with fresh, it kinda kills the taste. Funny thing last night, DH came home and said whew honey what is that smell? i asked him what it smelled like and he said stinky perfumy "left overs" then a few mins later he said it smelled like burnt matches but he was going to bed so i figured i would show him tonight since he knows more than myself with strains. I find with this one that my head isn't as foggy, cigs taste gross right after and i don't get that immediate hunger feeling...perhaps i just got a bunk batch this time and since this stuff tastes normal in J's and piped, i will just have to do that:/ you guys have been super helpful though and i really appreciate it! I have just never had anything taste THIS different vaped before

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