New stoner chick from texas

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SwishaSweetie, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone jus wanted to introduce myself, im from texas (waco area). If anyone else is from or near here holla at me becuz im lookin for some true down ass stoner friendz.. If ur not from here its cool to, u can never have enough friends who love tha jane.. :)
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  2. whats good! aww snap what flavor swisher you like?
  3. lol grape and wine swisher cigarillos is all i smoke now.. How about you?

  4. grapes in the 5 pack. :D. i had wine before, but i liked the grape better :p.
  5. well thats awesome! Grape always seem fresher and smell amazing! Im about to roll up a sweet right now, care to join me? Hehe
  6. lol word! and i dont have any blunts right now, but i just bought a bowl!
  7. oh cool, ive been lookin around for a nice artsy but cheap glass spoon or twister pipe.

    Do you have yim?

  8. i had a nice spoon that i got for 15 at this convient store haha. but i dont have it any more. but i got this nice metal one yesterday. you should get a colorful spoon or bubblerr!
  9. yea i def. want to soon. if you want u can hit me up on messenger or we can jus talk here my yahoo id is mizzkrucial
  10. I like the sudden outbreak of stoner girls here.
    Better yet, this one likes swishers :rolleyes:

    Welcome to GC :wave:
  11. ima hit you up on here, i dont have yahoo.
  12. hey i lived in waco for a couple of years, but im back in houston now. are you going to school there? i like any of the new wrap swishas, but the wines got a nice little flaver to them.
  13. hey yea i go to school in waco, u use tha swisha brand or zigzap wraps? and chea im diggin tha wine ;)
  14. shit i use swisha, phllys bongs, pipes, dutch masters, hookas, wraps...i smoke with everything lol
    i smoke zig zags....but i just got these tobaco papers and they roll much beter and smoke better.
    dont get white owls because i gutted one once and there was a feather in it lol
    i like to try and mix it up because ill get bored of whatever im smoking

  15. coolness.. you got yahoo messenger? Im bad about remembering to recheck the post before hella time goes by so it would be easier if we could converse on their.. if you'd like too add me my id is mizzkrucial im on now ..
  16. i've spent some time in texas nice place! but i've been having a blunt free environment lately.

  17. hehe, thanks
  18. Welcome! grapes are bomb <3
  19. haha yea, and thanks for the welcome
  20. Cool what part of Texas did u spend time at? Ahh, blunt free environments, I kno how those I just dont like papers Idk maybe because I started smoking with blunts and thats just feels natural to me.

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