new stemless mini bong w/ homemade case

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  1. hey guys!
    here's the story of a new mini i got.

    so i go to UC riverside and i stopped by a smoke shop here and find this amazing looking piece. i mean i've seen stemless bongs before, but not a mini one, so i had the urge to get it. i try to look online for a stemless mini bong but couldn't find anything ( if you find more, please post a link or pic :D). i even drive to other smoke shops and couldn't find it so i end up buying the one i saw at the riverside smoke shop for $40. you guys think i got ripped off?
    anyways, the lady i bought it from thought i stole a bowl from one of the bongs and started arguing with me and told me to get out after i bought the bong. some people these days... -_-

    length of the bong from bottom to top is about 11in
    diameter of the mouthpiece is about 1in
    heres some pics!!! (i'm not good at sewing fabric on foam, so i poked myself about 25 times)

    enjoy, my friends! :smoke:

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  2. Ha stay classy with the gucci
  3. lol thanks, i need more but im not sure where to find the fake print at :/

    that thing took me about 5 hours to make -__-
  4. I would fuck it
  5. lol your dick will probably just get stuck, 1 inch opening lol now thats a tight ass puss.. i mean bong hahaha
  6. its cool and good deal but you need a good adh catcher

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