New stateside seed company!!!

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  1. They ship to every state. I asked them. What they mean is they have genetics available only to qualified people in the area. Its a little misleading, but they ship discreetly to all 50 states.
  2. That's good to know, now if they made their prices just a tad bit better I might drop the 'tude.
  3. u r part of the firm
  4. Totally. Thats why i live 500 miles away and am saving pennies to place an order after the first, lol. Money Tree has a special right now through hollisticnursery buy any one pack and get a free pack of their Nepalese x Juicy Fruit, which is an exclusive strain available only as a bonus through the site, MTG isnt offering it anywhere else.
  5. Main concern would be that when the DEA busts them(not if but when especially if they are selling to non legal states). They will have access to the records of all transactions.
  6. Attitude is established and has worked for me so that is who i will do buisness with for now. That being said if this company sticks around for a bit and is legit i would love to keep my money in the good ol USA. We shall see what the future brings.
  7. Exactly my thoughts, also I have a problem with cali connect they are way to expensive and I've heard a lot of bad stuff about their genetics hermie'ing also I hear their gsc is a crock.

  8. This.

    Hope em all the best of luck though.

  9. Take a long hard look at the growers who have had hermies thrum CC gear...Bubba,Headband, or Buddha didn't hermie for me.

    WTF is GSC? U mean OSD?(which is killer btw, although not quite as good as Rez's IMO)
  10. No I mean gsc "girl scout cookies"... And wether its the growers or not I cannot afford to take a chance, cc genetics are way to over priced for risk taking.

  11. Ahhh okay.

    I see 200$+ as over priced, but close to 100$ a fair price for awesome genetics.

    If you're looking for the newest latest strains( like Girl Scout Cookies)'re gonna pay for em. Not to mention the wait time for a stable seed line from these clone only genetics.....
  12. If people like cali connection they might be interested to know they have a new strain being sold only at holisticnursery, Purple Diesel! They also have several discounted strains from Gage Green right now for $60/12 seeds. Hoping to finally order next week, ill post a pic when they get here.
  13. I just drropped 2 boss hogg regs from cali connections, one sprout so far... fingers crossed for a lady
  14. You're not taking into consideration the shipment cost from tide or shipment time. You will USUALLY get your order in two to three days (free shipping) along with a ton of freebies like oil, chocolate, an entire free pack of seeds (10) plus the seeds cost the same (some a little less) as  tude. This without the money for shipment. Its amazing if you are a patient.
    On the flip side, them getting into trouble is a real possibility, so make sure you never sign anything.
  15. when you add the fact your order comes in three days plus all the freebies they give you which include another 120 pack of cali conn. seeds and rare strains from authentic seed companies plus no worries of custom thats almost like that 120 equaling 15-20 bucks think about it
  16. There is also which is in wa and no questions asked. I can't vouch for them tho

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