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  1. I havent ordered from them yet, but has great reviews so far. They have A lot of awesome seeds from the us breeders like cali connection, gage green, grand daddy, tga, money tree, and more. They offer much faster and cheaper shipping obviously, and they have specials where they include full packs of seeds as a bonus, not random loose seeds. I am planning on ordering some stuff next month for the coming year, i will update then!
  2. Everything is $100+, do they do small quantity orders?
  3. that's deadly expensive..with that much money, you can get at least 15 best fem seeds including shipping from attitude
  4. Great, just what we need, another seed company ripping off buyers with overpriced seeds.

  5. If anyone has been reading up on this titan scanner, then its worth it to me to not have my seeds go through that thing first of all. Right now if you order cali connection you get a free full pack of cali connection seeds for every pack you buy, so if you buy ten you get ten free packs. Free shipping too. Thats $6 a seed with free shipping, If anyone else has a link to the seeds that just won first place in the high times cup this year for cheaper im all ears. They definitely arent the cheapest, but considering you get the seeds in 1-2 days with good freebies like buy one get one, i thought people might like to know. They are supporting american breeders, they arent trying to carry every company, and i have not personally seen any us breeders seeds for much less once you ad in the shipping.
  6. It's a good thing to have it here...I like it alot.

    So 20 FEM seeds for 120?
  7. What's the website?

  8. If you are ordering cali connection femmed, yes. They are offerring buy two get the third free for Daddy Genetics, which is the only place stateside authorized by Ken to sell his seeds. They just opened last month and say they will be having different specials every month, so im guessing other companies will soon be featured with the free packs. They are also carrying TGA, they had the new Jack Skelington for sale two weeks ago already.

    Also certain companies they do offer 5 seeds for 60. They have limited runs of genes from Gage Green Genetics that are being given only to holisticnursery, so the have some truly exclusive stuff as well, you can go on their facebook or email them for a current list, they have tons of stuff not listed on the site yet. I know 120 is a bit, but i also like that al the seeds are th same across the board, when they say they have a new strain soon you can count on the price, other places have seeds all over the board.
  9. Well..I consider them a big step in the states side. And I will be pround to have a seedbank MADE IN USA. Let's see...

  10. Yeah, i am really hoping they are able to stay around for a while. I think once they get the website a lil better they will start rolling. With the endorsements of Ken Estes and Swerve i think they are definitely doing it right from the get go.

    And i looked on their fb page, free overnight shipping on orders more than 1 pack! Have seeds tomorrow, cant beat that imho.

    And the website is, but the specials and such are only listed on the fb page right now. Its a lil different system and i like it personally. For instance the lmited runs from gage green you have to write them or check fb, then you order on tue site and fill in the strai.s you want since they are not listed, so those who do a few minutes of emailing or page checking will have access to some special stuff that will get passed by by others.

  11. Lol. Its funny, i just checked the tude. They charge 70 pounds for every 6 femmed cali connection seeds! Wow! Thats just under 280 pounds, before shipping, for 24 femmed cali connection seeds, over 10£ per seed! From holisticnursery i could get buy one get one with free overnight shipping, $120 shipped for 24 femmed CC seeds, or $5 per seed, less than half the price. I really dont see how people are saying this is way more expensive. Comparing femmed cali connection to another brand is worthless, some companies sell cheap seeds. Compare any brand that holstic stocks from attitude and itll be way more from attitude. And ill take a free 10 seeds over a tshirt myself, thanks.
  12. you cant do that comparision
    For the christmas promotion... I got 31 seeds(23-25fem), a grinder, lighter and a shirt for $130 including shipping. 10 days of shipping. I bought G13 PE, Dinefem Royal haze, vision seeds Jack Herer(never heard of this breeder before). Other freebies from over different 7 breeders. If you do the math, $4.2/seeds. ppl like variety, dont they?

    But i agree with you that cali seeds are cheaper in holisticnursery.
  13. They really need to work on that website. I can't find the cali promotion. Do you have a link?
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    True. And like i say, its a different business model. Theres no comparison on variety between the two. But they arent trying to have every seed on earth. If you want dimafem, holistic is worthless obviously. They only have a handful of brands so far, but if you want local seeds it reasons they should be cheaper from a local company. I agree the overall seed numbers from specials will vary, but even just the base order or say £280 for 24 beans compared to $240 for 20 beans is still considerably less. The freebies are different too, sometimes you find gold in the stuff you normally wouldnt try. But considering the cost of indoor growing i personally like the idea of similar quality same company seeds as opposed to a bunch of hit or missers.

    Edit: holy shiiiii...... this whole time i was converting euros, not pounds! 280 pounds is over $450!!! Yikes!

  15. I agree, they need to really amp it up quick to compete. Like i said find them on facebook, holistic nursery seed company, and like and it on the page, or just message them there or the site and they will get back shortly with exactly all the specials and strains they have right now. I wrote them about what gage green and magic tree they had in stock last week and they got back to me very fast.
  16. can these folks ship to anyone in the us (like people not living in cali, colorado or washington) or just medical gardeners? the reason i ask is this blurb from their home page-'Our mission is to share high-quality viable cannabis seeds available only to qualified medical gardeners in San Diego, CA.' when they ship, is it in discreet, unidentifiable packaging?

  17. They ship anywhere in the us, and yes of course it is discreetly packaged.
  18. seedbanks have been ripping growers off thats what they do and people wanna be as discreet as possible so they use them anyway
  19. thanks MfBaker. i am new in the game and i was not sure how seeds would normally be packaged for shipment.
  20. Maybe this is good if you live in cali and are licensed to grow mmj anyone in states where it is still not medicinalized. I'm getting the feeling they only sell to cardholders.

    Off their website...
    " Our mission is to share high-quality viable cannabis seeds available only to qualified medical gardeners in San Diego, CA. 100% locally owned. **MMJ** patients can rely on Holistic Nursery to provide them with the premium seeds to start their medicinal garden."

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