new ssf glass need help new diffuers.

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    Okay just got my new 12' straight tube and Fukkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! Is all I got to say. Fuking SOUL SHINE is the place sorry lol. Anyways I'm getting a new diffuser but need help.wanna get the best for my ss. But don't know shit about diffusers. So I was wondering what should I say when I ask them to custom me a diffuser. I need excat words here lol my bong knowledge is below zero more now since I'm.getting into glass more. But just need some help and tips.. pics and vids soon just don't know how to upload from straight to phone. No comp bitch broke rather get a oz and new peice than fix it hahah. Thanks guys.

    And yes I'm planning to get ray to do it just not sure what to tell them.
    Also the packaging was perfect and everything safely and secure 0% of breaking on there fault
    100% positive review nothing neg.
  2. Tell them you want a showerhead diffuser, and I assume your bong has an 18mm joint, and that you are using an 18mm slide, so tell them that you need the downstem to be 18/18. But if you have a 14mm slide, you'll need an 18/14 downstem. make sense?

    You can probably tell them an exact number of slits, but since you don't really have a preference for a certain number, just tell them to put as many as they can on there.
  3. Okay I wanna say it 14mm not sure tho. Okay thank u bro. I was juat confused about the slits thought they had to be a limit didn't want to ask and then them think I was stupid lol. Okay much thanks bro seriously.
  4. If you can fit your pinky in the end of your bowl its an 18mm.

    I'd go with an Alex K Showerhead. Guaranteed function.
  5. Kk well its a 18mm thank tx... And I wanna stay with this peice all soul shine:smoke:

    I got a question when you'll say ull clean ur bong after every ses do ull just clean the bong it self or like the all of it? Seem like a lot of work and soon realize ashcatcher will help a lot also. But need it keep it dl for know. So can't be bulky.not dl really just outta respect

    Sorry if it doesn't make sence im pretty high:smoke:
  6. Get a clear 18/18 showerhead diffuser. Let him know what tube you have so he can make it the appropriate length. Also ask him to grid the slits for you, I know he's recently started gridding. Pair that with a disc diffused slide and your good.

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