New sprout is yellow..

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  1. Just planted and sprouted a decent strain in less than 24 hours under two 42 actual watt cfls. But right when i noticed the sprout poking through i noticed it was yellow. Why would it be yellow and how can i ensure my plant will not die off.. ? any help is much appreciated. (first time indoor grower)
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    picture? coulld be not enough water or too close to the light. Or going through a little shock if you just transplanted it.
  3. i would take a picture but it would prolly not turn out well on my shitty phone. Would the tap water im using have any effect?
  4. If you do use tap water you need to let it sit over night to let some of the additives evaporate. Also if you use tap water check its pH before you put it in and also check what the run off is and adjust accordingly to get your run off to 6.2-6.5. The yellowing could be too much light, alot of nutrients in the soil, or a pH problem
  5. Distilled water has a nuetral pH, I use that with all my seedlings and young plants, you can get it from Target for 84 cents a galllon.

  6. Im with matt i dont even use tap water always buy my water
  7. thanks for all answers and tips!
  8. I fill Gallon jugs, let them sit out with the cap off, I add 1/2 teaspoon of pH nuetralizer. Sets pH to right around 6.8-7.0. Seems to work for me, if you do not feel like buying distilled water over and over.
    Either way works!

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