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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by awelch, Jan 30, 2014.

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    the sprout is autoflower blue mystic 2 days and other is autoflower i think kc45 is 24 days old

  2. Don't know much about auto flower but the big one looks a little small for 24 days in my opinion. Looks healthy but small. Hopefully you get an auto expert in here. Good luck.
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    Yes im here.
    you have to make all the right moves at the right time to get them to jump and flower. yours need fed.
    I go about 3 weeks in solo cups, then put them in 2 gallon and feed them for veg and bloom once. let them grow 2-3 more weeks feed for bloom once. and leave them on veg time. I run 16/8 just to save on the power under 1,000w.
    The 1,000w light really makes a difference but that true of any strain.
    So that my guess on your is feed and pound more light to it.
  5. If worse comes to worst, check out the journal section for others that grow autos. Send them a pm.
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    its in miracle grow soil
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    Do you see round balls of fertilizer in the mix? if not then you got a mix that was not so hot.
    I feed a 10-10-10 for veg add some epson salts, top dress with blood meal and bone meal than water with the ferts.
    For bloom I use half strenth 10-10-10 and full strength 0-10-10.
    See with an auto you want it up and big as fast as possible, if you fuck around or fuck up you end up with a harvest of a bong hit or a joint.
    So feed good twice in its life and it should jump.
  8. Haha. Fuck the gold member status. You should be awarded a hero member status. I see you on here saving peoples asses all the time, my add included. Props.
    Thanks man, I do want to help new growers get started.
  10. Its probably just me but i cant see the pics
  11. I can see them. Maybe your connection?
  12. I can tell. I've seen you steer at least 20 people away from certain destruction in my short time here. Not only do you pinpoint the problem, but you also give a comprehensive guide to help for the problem. Very admirable. I'm grateful and I'm sure the rest of the people on the form are as well to have you here. Good lookin out.
  13. [quote name="The Hunter" post="19437069" timestamp="1391117481"]I can see them. Maybe your connection?[/quote]Maybe, im on the app on 3G network

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