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  1. It's almost my birthday and I got an early birthday present from my mom. :)


    I'm really diggin the colors on the thing, mostly the blue and white swirl that goes through it. :smoking:

    As you can see it's already gotten some good use. :D

  2. i wish i had your mom!!! nice little spoon there fellow blade i hope it treats you well :smoke:
  3. Great looking piece man, nice and squat - bet it gets you lifted pretty quick!
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    Thats a pretty nice spoon Maxy, I like blue pieces however a lot of my friends don't for some reason =/. It sounds like you have a pretty sweet mom though
  5. sick spoon!!!wish i had a cool mom as well lol..:smoking:
  6. Happy Birthday!

    Nice pipe, kind of the same colors an mine. I just made a thread for it today too.
  7. Deff digging the spiral, shits sick
  8. dude, you have a cool mom!
  9. I like how half of the comments are about how cool the pipe is and the other half are about how cool your mom is :p
    I happen to agree with both. Sick spoon man and happy birthday!
  10. Thanks for the comments guys I do love my piece and my mom. Lol. She became a patient before I was.

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