New South PArk

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenLantern420, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. I figured Id remind all of you that the new south parks coming on soon. It looks pretty funny theyre makin fun of family guy

    I gotta finish this bowl now:smoke:
  2. Sweet. I gotta pack one for that.
  3. *sigh*

    i hate coming onto grasscity when i'm broke.

    All the weed i'll ever need is down the street and i forget my wallet at work :cry:
  4. damn thanks green lantern for the heads up south park is aweosme when ripped gonna be a good night me and my bro got a half oz:smoke:
  5. If you can make it to boston in time for the show, I'll smoke ya out :smoke: Might wanna start running.
  6. Man, I love South Park and The Family Guy...this should be intresting...
  7. fuckk i only got like .0001 g left i dont even think ill even get lifted :mad:
  8. Gotta be careful what you say, i can run pretty fast when i am weed-hungry.
  9. only reason im awake
  10. havent caught a new one in a while, packin up the bong and gettin on the couch.
  11. muahaha half hour countdown:smoking:
  12. can't wait, gonna be funny as hell i think

    oh man, gonna be so good :smoke:
  13. I always post my favorite lines as they are said on these threads....

    10 seconds...
  14. Hahahaha jihad on the Family Guy
  15. GODDAMNIT hahaha South Park can make any show seem lame... even Family Guy
  16. Even though this is my 94th reply and no one is reading it...
    REALLY disappointed
  17. same here man, i dont wanna wait a goddamn week to find this shit out
  18. I was just waiting and waiting and waiting and...

    but the funny part never came...
  19. More of an extended satirical metaphor... A for effort.
  20. Just watched the new episode... it was fucking amazing.

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