New Solar System found

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by 1Trismegistus1, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. i love discoveries like shows how little we know

  2. lol effin' circle jerkers :p
  3. I cannot wait for the LMT to be finished so we can actually see the surface of these planets. We're going to shit our pants when we see a planet with light sparkled all over it from civilization. At least I hope we do.
  4. i suppose its possible alien civilizations constructed a few solar systems for there own use.
  5. Or God, just sayin' :wave:
  6. Or not.
  7. either way, thats fucking cool.

  8. Now now.
  9. well thats fucking interesting man thats interesting

    always love it when things like this happen
  10. oshit this is serious guise
  11. Haha, I'm sorry, but this is Science and Nature...
  12. awesome i love stuff like this (too!)

    explain how it goes against what scientists were thinking before.. like about solar systems?

    they didnt know many solar systems just like ours existed?? i thought thats what we already though.

    is this the 2nd group of planets found or something? shit im so noob
  13. Shouldn't talk about aliens then? Either way they are one in the same when speculating. No proof of either so:smoke:
  14. This muthst mean God exithsts right guyths? Screw you science! Whatever that is...right
  15. Haha atheists are so defensive. I would have never said anything if the dude above didn't start with intelligent design.
  16. no no no dont go saying screw science.... i believe God and science go hand in hand. We're just primitive people who blame extraordinary things on the supernatural.

    oh my god that man is levitating!!! it must be an
  17. Hopefully we will find non peaceful aliens and they will destroy earth.:hello:
  18. That's really awesome. I can't wait to learn more about this amazing new discovery.

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