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  1. i got some burpee eco friendly organic garden coir: it says it's a substainable and renewable soil amendment made from coconut fiber. So my real question is does it have plant food like nitrogen phosphorus or phosphate or is it a good seed starter?, etc.
  2. Coco Coir is great for everything, but nutrients must be added to it as it comes inert.

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  3. Awesome just what I want thanks for the clarity
  4. Coco should be pre- charged before you use it, and it is a good seed starter. Just remember that coco is hydroponics and should not be treated like soil - never just use water - always feed with nutes. I feed daily from when it sprouts, and twice a day during flower - never let coco dry out like soil.
  5. Should coco be mixed 50/50 with perlite or can you use just coco
  6. I mix 50/50 for my 1ltr propagation pots, then I do a 70/30 coco/perlite in my final 9ltr pot. People do use just coco with good success - I just prefer mixing in perlite for added oxygen.
  7. What does pre charged mean
  8. Pre-charging is saturating the coco with either 1/4 strength nutes like I do, or some people pre charge with cal-mag to increase the amount of calcium and magnesium.
  9. Oh it's to late for that I got 5 day old sprouts that I been giving nutes for last 3 days . Also is salt build up bad in 80% coco 20%perlite?
  10. Salt build up only occurs in coco if you don't feed to run off.

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