New Snowboard: Help!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamti91, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. What do you think of these two boards? Either one will leave me broke and mean that I have to sell every worldly possession I own.

    The Arbor Element, environmentally friendly company, awesome pop, the wood grain is awesome, $400-$500.

    Sapient PNB1, pretty cool base (the size I want is green-ish, but same design), rides great, matches my jacket sort of. Last year's model so I can find it for $300.

    This will probably be my board for a few years, as I'm selling both my current ones and all my bindings to pay for it, what do you guys think of the base graphics?

    I'm leaning towards the Arbor, but that would mean going on a diet of mids for a year :eek:.
  2. go for the arbor man the investment is well worth the sacrafice
  3. ^ agreed arbors are so sick
  4. yeah I board every winter, go for the arbor, its a tight board.
  5. id say go buy a burton blunt way fun board thats cheap or even forum recons. but outa those two ids say arbor too. what bindings are you looking at?
  6. I have Burton Customs with a broken strap (broke last day of the season, so pissed off). Don't know whether to buy a new strap or just new bindings as they are a few years old. I'm an instructor, so I get a discount at the mountain shop but I don't think they have Arbors or Sapients.
  7. I like the woodgrain one. Shit is tight.
  8. Get an ELAN, best prices for the best boards. I have Last years Artec V2
  9. No offense man, but Elan/Artecs (same company right?) ride like shit, or at least the one or two I have ridden.

    I think I've decided on the Arbor, just gotta start saving...

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