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  1. heres my new smoking kit which i made out of a game case i found
    from left to right: bowl lighter mini pocket knife(couldnt fit my grinder in the case) and pill bottle for stash so it wont get crushed
    [​IMG]center pocket with some papers and 2 extra pockets for anything else such as eyedrops etc,
    under the second set of pockets is 2 elastic straps which ill prob use to hold a piece of cardboard or something to grind the herb on and also to hold dryer sheets for a sploof on the go

    if you want to see more on my piece and grinder check out my other thread

    comments welcome
  2. Thats really nice man. I've got a case just like that, maybe I'll set it up like yours.
  3. glad i inspired you lol
  4. this is nice, I need one of these
  5. how annoying would it be to bring a case with you everywhere you go.

    nice stash box i guess
  6. I don't plan on taking it with me everywhere it's really meant for organized storage at home. Thanks
  7. watch out though, if you get caught you're caught with everything at once :(
  8. True but I'm not gunna get caught :-D
  9. Seriously, as long as you don't get caught with over an ounce and 10 plastic baggies, you're gonna get a normal possession charge anyway (I'm not flamin' you lol I'm just putting my 2 cents in:smoke:)

    How annoying would it be to smoke any other way? How do you smoke? Carry your bowl in your pocket and your sac in the other? Joints are kind of excessive if all you do in public is smoke them. I'd run out of weed at the end of every week if I tried that shit. At least this is inconspicuous. If he gets pulled over and he can throw this case in his backseat, I think he stands a lot better chance of not getting caught (if he actually gets searched).

    When I started smoking the first thing I did to hide all my stuff was make a stash book. To this day, most of the time when I go places to smoke down I bring my college backpack that has a book or two, some notebooks, and my stash book. I've been in a house when cops showed up because of underage drinking and noise complaints and I was the only one that didn't have to put my weed in the garbage disposal and get slapped with a possession charge. I threw my stash book in my backpack and tossed it behind some of my friend's shit in his living room.

    Nice case man. It'll come in handy.

  10. And so there's no misconceptions, I don't walk around with a backpack everywhere I go to smoke. Usually my backpack stays in the backseat of my car and I'll just bring my book in with me.

    I've gotten the craziest looks before from walking into a house party carrying Stephen King's Needful Things.

    Hahaha yea my stash book is made from a novel called "Needful Things." So refreshingly ironic

  11. Thanks man and nice story lol. I'm also working on a magazine stash of about 14 mags which is taking forever. Ill prob use that to hide shit when I'm home
  12. its cool man. that sounds like an amazing idea. i could totally hollow out harry potter or some shit lmao
  13. Haha u should def try it but It would take forever
  14. Nice case man! I like the idea a lot :smoke:

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