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  1. Any maggots out there that have All Hope is Gone yet? I bought it yesterday. I think this cd sounds alot like their old stuff and sticks to hard, pure metal riffs. There are some songs that I really don't like though; Gehenna and Snuff are two I really just cannot listen to. I think Iowa still reigns supreme over all of their albums still.

    I give it a 7/10, pretty satisfied. Although it would be sick if they had more turntables in their songs still.
  2. i have it. i actually like the songs they make with melody ie, circle and vermillion pt2 from the last album. with those type of songs corey vocals shine the most. i like the whole album a lot, much like the last one. MUSICALLY Vol. 3 has been the best IMO. the reason i say musically is cuz slipknot can sometimes sound like noise a bit, with like the guitar being off beat with drums for the sake of being heavy. hard to admit as much as i love them, but its true. like with that said i cant pick a favorite between their first 3 albums.
  3. i downloaded yesterday and in my opinion they shouldve just stick to the 3 album plan because this album is kinda soft....old shit??? no way this dont compare to the first however this album is not that bad compared to all the new shit out there just a little softer now
  4. eh, i think they lost it...they lack the energy they had on their first album.
  5. its just evolution. no band wants to sound the same record after record (think dragonforces latest 2 albums.) it gets boring after a while. me personally ima fan of how theyve evolved. theres more to music than tryna be as heavy as possible. thats my opinion tho
  6. self titled slipknot was the best cd they had and i wouldn't even listen to that today...
  7. mate feed kill repeat ftw and the rest of their cds although i have all of them thats my fav
  8. fuck yeah i listend to that shit today and All hope is gone again, so its funny that u said that. ive had MFKR since like 7th grade. i like all the weird funky change ups and what not. but i still cant pick a favorite album. thats just too hard for me to do. but i do believe that Vol.3 was the best one musically like said earlier. as musicians they stepped it up for that album. and i was happy to see mick (especially) and jim have solos. i always knew mick was good ever since i heard him say in an interview that he can play the whole racer x technical difficulties album note for note. i would tell one of friends who rivaled me at guitar that mick was good and he would laugh in my face. after that album came out mick started doin more guitarsy shit most ppl who doubted him just shut the fuck up
  9. micks good a guitar but nothing special at all... im sorry but someone that has hate written on there fret board is a joke lol...
  10. do you listen to racer x? or have you heard the technical difficulties album? thats PAUL FUCKIN GILBERT in case you didnt know. anyone that can play his shit note for note is fuckin good imo especially if you can have the same feel and phrasing as gilberto. and he hasnt had hate on the fretboard since like their second album, but i can see where your commin from with the fretboard, but at the time that was part of their image.
  11. I dunno...i'll believe mick can play Racer-X when i hear it.
  12. After their second album I just stopped caring. Iowa just started becoming something where you just knew they were trying to make money off of it. However, the song Iowa is great. Their self titled one is the best. Haven't even listened to any of the others, no reason too.
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    ima prolly sound like a dick right now but this is about slipknots NEW album not how bad you feel their other ones after the first are. i feel like if your only gonna talk anything not relating to the new one you might as well not post. btw sorry if that sounded dickish but i feel like shit like that needs to stop. its like ppl who hate a band and post comments on youtube about how much w/e band they hate sucks...theres just no need for that.
  14. then ill talk about the new one.... its just a terrible excuse for entertainment... listen to some talented music and let slipknut die out once and for all... sorry to have to say the truth....

  15. I totally disagree......I say slipknot at the Meyhem Fest at darien lake NY and they were as insane as ever. The one dude had two broken feet from jumping off a 20ft drum riser. He was still out there crawling around if he had to.:hello:
  16. its not the truth its just your opinion theres a huge difference in the two. and no need to say sorry. i like the band but i aint no stan.. most the ppl i know hate them, but i could care less what they think cuz its their life and as long as their happy and not doin anything harmful to me or my friends and family, i could give a fuck about what they say and do. still i dont see the point in bashing artist if in general especially if you have no material to show you can do better. its just funny to me how ppl just dont say they dont dig the music rather than bash, but w/e
  17. i liked it better than Vol.3 but there were 3-4 songs i dont like at all sounds like he accidently put a stonesour song on the cd
  18. Slipknot sucks.
  19. I'm really looking forward to their theatrics. :rolleyes:

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