New Skittles Commercial

Discussion in 'General' started by cannabis, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Best one yet :hello:

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    The people who make these are eatin a lot more than skittles...
  2. lol, now that is a funny commercial!
  3. Ya its pretty funny.
  4. :laughing:

    those people need to get into more than just commercials.
  5. lmao thats so great had me crackin up
  6. that definately beats those lame ass taco bell commercials
  7. Now thats a freaking awesome commercial! +rep
  8. Fucking funny!
    +Rep for the post.
  9. Hahahaha :laughing:

    That was great!
  10. very funny, if it meant anything i would give you rep, but it doesn't
  11. Wow, that was amazing. :hello:

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