New "silent" S&P fan?

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    I was told the s&p mixed flow fans are some of the quitest. So i was looking on their website and found they have a *New* fan called \t\t\t\t\t\t"S&P TD-Silent Series". They look different than the last time i checked, which was not too long ago so im assuming this is like brand new technology type stuff. THey have a plastic housing. Has anyone ever used these? Or heard of them? Sound is my main concern so im really interested in this....
    Here is a site thats selling them...
    HVACQuick - S&P TD-SILENT Series Inline Fans
    Thank you....
  2. I have ordered one a few days ago, waiting on it to come. The 125 mm version that i got (5 inch) is apparently only 20 db at 3 metres. Thats whisper quiet. I realy hop it lives p to it's claims as I can't sleep with this noisy vents TT piece of shit fan.
  3. bwahahahaha
  4. excellent, be sure to let us know. Are you going to be exhausting through a carbon filter?
  5. Indeed I am, but it's a 4 inch filter and my fan has a much higher flow rate than the filter is rated for, but I have run out of money for growing equipment so it's all I've got :p
  6. hi what one of them would i need for a 1.2x1.2x2.0 grow tent
    let me know please guys thanks
  7. and that is a extracter fan right ? im a newbie to growing
  8. [quote name='"apex100"']and that is a extracter fan right ? im a newbie to growing[/quote]

    You can use any fan for both intake/outtake, depending on which way you face it.
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    Im interested in this one to use with a carbon filter, and 400watt cooltube in a 3x2x6 "cabinet"
    TD-150S \tS&P TD-Silent Series Inline Fan.
    For 6 inch round duct - 333/239 cfm (high/low).

    It should work right? Im dieing to order to get this show on the road but ive never heard of anyone using these, so i kind of want to hear the word..... With 300+ cfm they should work with a good carbon filter right? The idea of something being so quite makes me feel like it cant be powerful you know...Im overly cautious, i guess.
  10. what one of them would i need for a 1.2x1.2x2.0 grow tent
  11. I got the 5 inch version of the silent and wired it up. it is very quiet, the only sound I can hear is the moving air, and there's a lot of moving air. Not tried it on the lower speed setting yet but it will be even quieter than silent! This thing is a beast, buy it. One problem is it's about 2 foot long, which I didn't expect. So it will be a tight enough squeeze in my 3X3 tent when I put the ducting on either end. And it's quite heavy compared to other fans like it. But if you want a dead silent fan, this is the one to go for.
  12. Thanks a lot. My cabinet is about 3 feet wide as well, and i know what you mean about the ducting attached,cutting it close. i suppose i could mount the fan vertically since i have plenty of vertical height. Unless the manufacturer advises against that for some reason? Well see once i get everything in there how to configure for the least amount of obstructions.

    You said the 5 inch version? i thought they came 4, 6, and 8 and so on....
    Is 5 inch ducting common? Like at home improvement stores?
  13. No idea, I got mine from a hydro store.
  14. so is this product all u need to ventalate a grow tent ?
  15. Thanx for the info on the actual running of the fan and the size of the unit.I'm intrested in the 4''. they make a 4'' but the cfm is a little low i think 131cfm by comparison a 4'' vortex is 172cfm. I have 2 vortex and they ARE NOT quiet as advertised.My rig is below my loft bed and i run them 23/7 rest them a hr a day. One is 15yrs the other 10yr old still doing the job so they are reliable just not quiet. Between 2 duct fans,1 sqirrel cage fan,3 ocillating fans, commercial air pump it gets a little noisy in here but i'm right next to a busy freeway on ramp and it is ''white noise'' that blots that out
  16. subscribed to hear how it works. Love something like that!
  17. I have the 4" version of this, and I can tell you that it KICKS ASS!

    I too was concerned about noise. I really hadn't considered how loud a centrifugal fan actually was until I actually set it up, and was forced to buy a better, quieter fan for stealth reasons.

    I have the S&P fan cooling my grow tent, and it is extremely quiet. It is in a 36X20X62" grow tent with a 400w cooltube HPS and carbon filter attached, and it does a beautiful job.

    During the winter I had it on the LOW setting for absolute stealth. It did an excellent job of cooling when I had my HPS dimmed down to 300W. It was also virtually undetectable in my closet.

    Now I have it set to HIGH and my light all the way at 400W, and it's still doing great. I can hear a lot more air whooshing now, but the fan itself is still damn silent!

    I would definitely recommend this fan. It's a great price for the quality that you're getting
  18. Thanx for your review of the S&P 4'' fan exactly what i wanted to know. Sorry Vortex you are on borrowed time you never were THAT quiet.
  19. This is the fan I will be getting very soon. My only 2 concerns are Noise and Smell. This type of fan and a good carbon filter will work for me. FYI my flower room is 6'x4'x7'

    Thanks for letting us know about this cool item.

  20. Where did ya see the stats on DB or Sones?

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