New Show Series to Start While High

Discussion in 'General' started by dildodaggins, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hello Blades:D
    I am about to smoke a fat bowl and browse netflix, and would REALLY love to find a new funny show series to start. Any suggestions? I'm trying to get a few good laughs in before i hit the hay.
  2. eastbound and show on tv
  3. You might want to address this question to the television section of grasscity. This thread is in the wrong section.


    Community, weeds, parks and recreation, arrested development( haven't seen it but I heard it was fantastic)

    Weeds is a phenomenal show. Great storyline, and hits close to home with us stoners^.^
    If you haven't watched all of southpark.. Check that shit out. Watch every episode. It is my favorite show of all time. No lie
  4. Breaking bad. Just do it right now.
  5. weeds is good to watch.
    or watch that movie the goods with jeremy piven. its hilarious.
  6. its always sunny in philadelphia
  7. That 70's Show, my friend. I've just started rewatching it again, pretty frikkin' awesome.
  8. East bound and down dude.. Funniest series on television
  9. Thousand times this. This show makes me laugh every episode. Except the beginning couple.
  10. Already recommended but, Weeds. Good ass show. Another showtime show called Dexter is a good ass show too. It's about a detective who kills murderers that beat the system. Both these series have amazing stories.
  11. Workaholics.
  12. Series are awesome while high.. these are some really goood ones..
    The Big Bang Theory
    True Blood

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    Big bang theory Is pretty good. I've only seen like half the first season though.
  14. These aren't necessarily the funniest shows, but they are pretty great to watch high.
    Twilight Zone
    Top Gear (if you're into cars)
    Pushing Daisies

    All of them are or at least were on Netflix a while ago. So I'd imagine they're all on there still .
  15. I'd suggest Psych as well. And also That 70s Show.
  16. I just started watching 'Sons of Anarchy', it's a a series revolving around an outlaw bikie club. It's pretty awesome and I'm not even in to bikies otherwise.
  17. Workaholics
  18. Weeds or The Office.

    If you have On Demand on your TV check out Workaholics on Comedy Central. Can find it online to.
  19. twin peaks

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