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Discussion in 'General' started by coldcheese, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. you know what i hate?

    when you get new shoes, and you don't feel comfortable with how they look from your point of view (being right above them), but they look fine when you look at them in the mirror or something.

    i was walking home pretty blazed today, and i realized that.

    doesn't it seem like sometimes your shoes just aren't satisfying from the top view?

    it feels ironic, since it doesn't look good to you, but it's fine to everyone else.

    anyone else ever feel that?
  2. I actually do notice that...
  3. yeah it becomes a big part of what i think in my mind all the time.

    whenever i look down, it just pops up in my head.
  4. yeah i always think they look puffed out on the top, or too small or something, and they they look perfect if you match em up in a mirror.
    the small discoveries when high are great
  5. what'd you get?
  6. these.


    they're pretty awesome imo.
  7. not really my style but i like em too
  8. I get it all the time and have for a long time. I love to stay bare foot even when I go places. If I do wear shoes though its only K-swiss. Only shoe I ever liked.
  9. I'd take a good skate shoe over a Nike any day of the week

    I'm a staunch Vans man though

  10. yeah dude i fuckin hate nike sb's for some reason, i guess cause growing up in high school there was this this one fat group of kids who were the wannabes and they'd all where these marijuana pins and nike sb's.

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