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  1. Just got my light today, pretty excited. What do you guys think? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415920094.078911.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415920106.741196.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415920125.912126.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415920146.888187.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415920168.047448.jpg

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  2. What size light? Exhaust fan? Room temps? Is it light proof? And what u gonna grow? Lol, the bag of hanging ice cracks me up.
  3. Yeah I was trying to fool with it, see if it'd effect any temp/ hum. it's 600w mh right now for veg. I've got those two 6" fans blowing towards the plant, the the mini fan and pc fan. I'm on a pay as you go budget, so next up for me is mini humidifier, then mylar or panda. no it's not light proof because it doesnt need to be. The light is powerful enough to grow one plant, not to mention it's all white/ relatively white there's good reflection for now.

    and im maintaining 73-81 degrees in the closet.
  4. 73-81 temps should be fine and that bag of ice is smart lol
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  5. What's your watts on your light
  6. 600 watts is perfect in an tight space for one plant...use a light meter, you'll be surprised. Don't bother with mylar, white paint is good enough for a LONG while.

    Temps, as said, will need to be monitored.

    I've always...from EVERY grower I've asked face to face, been told to use the fan to draw hot air out of the grow space, blowing into the hood, over the light, then ducted out of the grow area...keeps the light cooler, and removes heat from the room without distressing the plant...think about it.

    How fast is the air moving from those fans? What kind of volume? Compare that to wind speeds in storms, and their related ratings....blow on the plant, you have it effectively growing under a constant windstorm of that many plants deal with that and survive, in nature? And since you're growing indoors, and trying to mimic outdoor conditions, and even refine them a bit, why the hell would you do something that'll kill the plant in outdoor conditions?
  7. Mylar is more reflective than white paint.
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    Mylar traps heat, and if not set up just right, creates hotspots.

    That's what mylar was DESIGNED reflect heat...ever seen a fire jumper's "shake and bake" suit (the survival body bag if they get cut off)? 100% mylar outer, reflecting the heat back outwards, with a liner that's supposed to prevent any unreflected heat from getting to the trapped firefighter (not that it works if they're really trapped, but it gives them more of a chance). The North Face jackets with the "heat reflecting dots"? Mylar. Emergency blankets to avoid hypothermia, for campers, hikers, accident victims? Mylar. The stiff blankets, red on one side, silver on the other, used by rescue crews for people who've been fished out of lakes and ponds when the ice broke? Mylar.

    White, on the other hand, reflects all bandwidths of visible light, and very little IR or UV....downside to that is the plants NEED *some* level of IR and UV.

    That's not saying he won't want to upgrade from a plain white room eventually...just that it's not worth the trouble to make lining it his next step, when there's so much more the money could go towards, to build a better setup.

    But unless he's having heat retention issues (grow room won't stay warm), it is NOT mylar he wants to use.
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    Ok, I guess if we want to install it incorrectly then he should go with white.
    But if we want to install it correctly, the Mylar is more reflective.
    Sorry, I assumed we wanted it done correctly. My fault.
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    "more reflective" is good, yes..."reflecting heat" is NOT....or don't you have the same issue almost every indoor grower does, with heat management.

    As I just said, mylar was invented to reflect and conserve a cheap mylar safety blanket, turn your house down to 50 degrees, climb in a freezing cold shower, climb back out, wrap yourself in the blanket...tell me how long before you're nice and toasty warm.

    Then realize that a 600 watt light is sufficient to warm a 100 sq foot (10'  by 10') room to 80 degrees in under 2 hours in winter. And he ain't using a 10 by 10 room, nor is his apartment going to be kept at 50 degrees, nor are there any windows to conduct heat out uncontrollably.

    Even with fans to draw out the heat....NOT good. Too many other good reflective products out there (more expensive than mylar, yes) that DON'T conserve heat, while being better light reflectors...but plain old white paint reflects all bandwidths of visible light, without reflecting and conserving as much heat.

    Since it'll do the job, switching white paint for reflective surfaces should be one of your LAST major upgrades.
  11. Mylar is shit. I've been in dozens of large medical grows and not one used mylar at any stage of plant development. Even if installed correctly mylar will retain an insane amount of heat. White plastic or paint is what the pros use. Don't use mylar! Your temps in the closet will go up at least ten degrees.
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  12. THANK you...what I'm trying to tell this guy.
    And I'm impressed you only had a 10 degree raise...even using an LED and CFL hybrid setup on my homemade, before I broke down and bought a tent, mylar lining built up so much heat it was ridiculous...couldn't pump air out fast enough to keep it below 90 degrees, until I stripped the mylar off, and started using (of all things) the crap they use for sun reflectors for car windshields in Arizona (I'd moved to WA, no longer needed all the sun shades for the cars and work trucks).

    The good commercial tents use a reflective material that "breathes"...but I can't recall the name off the top of my head. It can be purchased in rolls all by itself, now...good stuff if you're not going to just buy a tent.
  13. That's cool. We can compare this guys closet to "large medical grows".
  14. This Guy. Seriously?
  15. Yes, "this guy"...another person who thinks his way is the only way, ignoring entirely any possible reasons he's wrong, and refusing to, for a moment, bother to TRY to understand what someone else is trying to explain.

    Repeatedly, I have tried to explain to you "mylar was INVENTED to retain heat", and almost every indoor grower has heat issues. I stated I've tried it, and the results. A simple Google would tell you exactly what I've been trying to, about the whole PURPOSE of mylar.

    Instead, you ignore it, and insist "I'm right, you're wrong", because the material has ONE quality you DO want, despite the fact it was INVENTED to have a quality that's death on indoor grows if you're not equipped with about $200 of equipment to handle it...which the OP ALREADY STATED he isn't.

    Now, if he's going to install something that retains heat, in a tight area, where the plant needs enough light that heat WILL be an issue...wouldn't you suggest he buy the stuff to keep the goddamned enclosure cool BEFORE doing so? Or are you going to continue to advise him to put in the heat-conserving material FIRST, and, when he has the budget, whenever that may be, THEN deal with the heat issue that was made WORSE, if he followed your advice?

    Christ...put down the blunt and open a book before advising someone on doing shit that will harm far more than help.
  16. A. I never said my way was the only way.
    B. Just explaining to you that Mylar is more reflective than white paint. (you can argue about this all you want but you're wrong.)
    C. No need to tell to me further.
    D. GFY
  17. Need I start quoting to show you where your insistence that mylar was "the way to go" started, or are you capable of going back and reading your own posts, and the posts they respond to.

    I never argued mylar wasn't more reflective than white paint, I specifically pointed out that mylar was designed specifically to reflect and maintain heat...a no-no for an indoor grower. You continued to insist mylar was superior, and "doing it the correct way".

    Saying that that was "THE correct way" is stating it's the ONLY way. Or at least the only way that's RIGHT.

    Evidently there WAS need to tell you further, as you still don't get it, apparently.

    As for your GFY, sorry, bud, might be how you get your kicks, but I'm married.

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