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  1. So its basically a split closet design. Left side 18/4 and right 12/12 photo period. The vegetative side uses a 400 watt MH bulb and the right a 175 mh which really seems more yellow in color. The grow all started from a few different bag seeds. I have harvested twice and have about a dozen clones and two large plants still vegging and three budding, two of which have just started. I have thought that it may be more productive to flower with the 400 watt, which is switchable ballast and would fit an hps bulb. I have harvested three plants overall, two the first go around and one later, the problem on all was the bud size, the hairs were long, but the buds never got too big, the hairs just went brown and I harvested. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I didn't get pictures of the last plant I harvested, but I have setup and current plants included. Will switching up lights help out and I have switched up nutes, I was basically using a miracle grow and superthrive mix, Now I am starting a three stage from general hydroponics, I found a grow chart calculation online, and its basically your standard grow flower and micro is the last I think. I plan to continue super thrive. My questions are basically how else to get bigger buds, and how much I should be seeing out of a system like this. Any comments and help is appreciated. Again this is all fictional, made up and not at all true.

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  2. Ok so including some new pictures now. First of the wimpy buds I have been harvesting and then of one that is still budding now, getting to where it was when I harvested the last one. Last two are of my plant that just started 12/12. Please give me any feedback, or even just say hi. Trying to get some input and keep this going and as efficient as possible. Let me know what works for you or if you would like to see me try anything. Thanks in advance.

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  3. You have some decentsized plants, you should be able to pull some big buds from them.

    A few things to think about.

    * Switch to the HPS for flowering

    * Be sure the plants are finished before harvesting. According to Trichomes.

    * You may NEVER be satisfied with the results you get from bageed. Invest in some good Genetics.
  4. Thanks very much for the tips. I have heard several methods for telling when the tricomes are done, for instance when most of the hairs have gone from white to brown, but have seen others about looking at glands under heavy magnification and checking clearity. I do not have any way of magnifying what is the best laymans way to tell when to cut it. I have already decided to leave this one for what I will think is too long to see how it effects harvest size. I have started looking into seedbanks I seem to find a lot of dead links, it seems tough to decide, I want ease of growth, fairly quick flowering and above all good harvest. I have considered big bud of course because it seems to hit these pretty well. Any other suggestions for guides or strains?
  5. Get BlueCheese..
    If you click on my profile and check out my grow, I got 2 nice lady's in flowering right now..
    Easy to grow, Have seen excellent yields, and right now my oldest lady rinks of blueberry's
    Excellent strain my friend.. But let your plants flower for atleast 7weeks (count starts a week after 12/12 switch)
    I grow with cfl's and have produced over 7ounces from just two plants..
    Its really not hard to do, just do your research, and tend to your ladies!;)
  6. Sorry I have not updated in a while, lots to post now though:
    Starting with all vegetative side of things,
    Switched up the setup a bit first, now the flower side is 400watt MH and the veg is 175watt MH bulb.
    A few shots of the clones:
    And my big mother plant
    Everything has been doing well since starting the new feed cycle about a week ago, its a 3 part flora, micro and bloom and I'm feeding about medium right now.
    Quick question, does the temperature of my reservoir effect growth? Should I use an aquarium heater to keep it warm?
    Thanks in advance and let me know what you think.

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  7. Now for the Flowering side, Sorry I had to split this too many pics.
    I will show you the two that have been budding since Feb 10th now 3 weeks in.
    first one
    second one

    My new one to flowering, about a week from photo period switch
    Now a couple different pics, this one has been trying to bud forever, too tall for my light steup mainly it seems to be too tall at the top.
    But good lower buds
    Thanks for looking let me know if I can improve upon anything, thinking about CO2 homemade production, hopefully more updates on that soon, and just let me know what you think

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