New season of Survivorman

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    I used to watch this show quite often. I always thought it was interesting and Les Stroud really knows his stuff. 

    Anyone excited for the new season? 

  2. I love Survivor man. Led Stroud is the shit! I haven't seen the newest episode yet though.
  3. 2 of them aired already but i didnt see another coming, just glad they (Les) came back
  4. Season 3 they'll run out of ideas for the show and Les'll just be kicking it with the village beetle nut shaman, getn high af

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  5. Hasn't the show been on since like 2005? Not sure if there has been a season every year, but it seems like there is probably more seasons than that.

    Anyway...Led Stroud rules! Bear Grylls is a fake ass wannabe!
  6. Argentina whipped his ass good episode though no luck at allSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. He's on season 4. Plus he just did a little show on survival secrets focusing on one aspect per episode, intertwining clips from old episodes. So 5 seasons technically including that and a few other clip shows he did.
  8. Ya it was 10 day survivor man or something, that didn't last long... literally 

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