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  1. Anyone got this little du dad? I just ordered one because the carson is a pain in my ass to use.
  2. I was looking at that a few days ago but read somewhere that the depth of field was really narrow, similar to a microscope.
    Let us know what you think of it... looking forward to seeing some pics!
    I'd happily pick one up if it does a decent job.
  3. Yea I will be happy to see one tricome at a time, I cant se shit with the micro brite. I
  4. I can use the carson microbrite and see trichs but even the 60x is to close for me.. can only see a handful of trichs at a time.. Ive been keeping an eye out for a usb microscope that can zoom back to 30x, that one in the OP goes back to 40x, I'll keep it in mind..
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  5. Looks like for starters if you dont have a computer you can take in there you have to buy a wifi box to use it with your phone. Wtf
  6. Alright so after a day of investigation and you tube videos, it looks like I got some shady distriiiibuter that did not give all the parts in the kit so I sent that one back and got a 30 dollar kit that has the wifi box to connect it to the phone.
  7. After checking out the you tube videos the people probably didnt know what they were doing because this has a zoom and when it was all the way out you could see the face on a penny clear and then the microscopic fibers of the penny. So I will post pics once I get the box in a couple days.
  8. It wasn't so much the zoom i was worried about but the depth of field. For me, depth of field is more important than magnification.
    A narrow depth of field works fine for things like a penny, or things where everything is at the same depth away from the lens, a flat subject. Typically, the more you zoom in, the narrower the depth of field becomes.
    A larger depth of field helps you see things in a wider range of distance from the lens:
    Scopes with a larger depth of field tend to cost more money, but it makes viewing 3D items easier by putting more of the item in focus. It's especially nice for those who like to take magnification photos.

    The ultimate product is something that is cheap, has a good zoom and still has a decent depth of field.
    It's a non-issue for some people but i've owned enough microscopes where the depth of field was so small that it was a pain in the ass to view anything that wasn't as flat as a penny.
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  9. Alright so I got the thing working but it is a 30 dollar scope because you need this package that comes with the wifi box. Sry that's the wrong link but if you search I found one for 29.99.
  10. Here are some pictures but I dont have a very steady hand so later I am going to rig something up to hold the scope. For me just looking at them though it is as good as the carson but much easier to see since I dont have to put my face on the plant and look through a tiny hole.
    20190725124850.jpg 20190725124905.jpg 20190725125050.jpg 20190725125104.jpg 20190725124504.jpg 20190725124822.jpg
  11. I tried to get some depth shots so you could see it.
  12. Ya man, those look really good! I'd say it was a great buy! :thumbsup:
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  13. You think one of those is ready I know it's hard because I have the pics not seperated.

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