New Salt tini

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  1. Got this at Doc's Smokeshop in b-more, awesome place great customer service, wide selection of glass and fair prices.

    Check out the glass:




    Here it is sittin on the RooR


    Definitely my new favorite piece, my first really heady slide.

  2. nice set up

    that is a beautiful color
    amazing salt work, as usual
    nice pickup
  3. Nice salt!!! I still have my wisdom teeth from when they were removed. Could Salt take my real teeth and incorporate them into a slide?
  4. thanks for the compliments, don't think he could put your teeth on a slide, since the teeth are glass and real teeth would be a little funky after a while :(
  5. Nice slide. Does anyone know if Salt sell any products online? Here in Aus' we have fuck all of this high end kit and i really like the look of these slides and would love one to compliment my little sista. Thanks in advance.
  6. ^ Bitfreakglass sells them

    And very nice salt tini, I saw that one in doc's a lil while ago, thats where I got my salt slide and salt inline. Love doc's :)

    I gota look into those tini's, they're priced very fairly.

  7. Take the phrase bit freak glass and re organize it in the manner you would expect of a URL.
  8. Mmm, love Salt's work and that's no exception. Can't believe I don't have any yet.

    To the above post, google bitfreakglass.

    edit: lol
  9. Still havent been to Doc's yet and i'm only 20 minutes outta b-more. How much do salt's slide go for? Also, that is the SICKEST salt i've seen so far.
  10. Usually around 100+.
  11. The bigger salt slides that are intricate go for $145-200. The salt tini's can be from $120-140.
  12. salt slides are amazing but way expensive
  13. The age old addage "you get what you pay for" comes to mind.
  14. Salt pieces are pretty bad ass, I don't know why Ghost doesn't seem to get nearly as much love though
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    ^Totally agree. They're worth every penny. Such a great artisit, very interesting slides, I want em all! :devious: :D ;)

    Edit: Ghost's slides are very cool indeed, but they're also very different. I've seen a few people here with some amazing ghost slides though, wouldn't mind getting one. They too, are very expensive.
  16. Thanks for that, checked out the site, awesome collection there. Looks like I know where some of my tax return is going to be spent, only 6 weeks away. Good thing the Aussie dollar is headed back up, looks like the average price is $200 AUD, considering these truly are peices of art, money well spent I reckon.
    Thanks again.
  17. Ghost's work is seriously incredible. Can't wait to pickup more of his work.
  18. dope saltini. still waitin for the right salt to add to the collection. they come at a hefty price, but are way sick if you can find them. nice pickup bro. docs must be the place to go.
  19. Thx for all the compliments guys, like everyone's said, it was worth every penny. The price is high on salt pieces but really you're paying for art so it's justifiable!

    And once again props to Doc's, from now on my trips to B-more will often include a stop by there!
  20. That is a SICK slide man, I love the color. Sits great on the tube too.

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