New Salt slide and my glass collection.

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    These are my pieces. I have only been smoking for a little over two years so I'm pretty proud haha. I update when ever I get a new pick up so check below for more heady glass.

    Just got this slide recently it is by SALT

    This is my heady bub. I don't know the artist but I got it in VT.

    This is My bong I got from Good Times Gallery (GTG) I sold it to a good friend of mine recently.

    This is the yellow label beaker bottom Illadelph with the Salt. The glass is 5mm thick. All so a pic with my Left Coast ash catcher + Illy slide. Sorry they are kind of dirty. The down stem on the ash catcher is diffused too.

    This is my spoon with tripple blown glass. One layer of color changing with snakes surrounding it and then a thick layer of clear glass on the outside. It is so thick and heavy haha.

    This is my Space Case 4 piece grinder.
  2. pretty cool slide, where are the pieces it will go on? :p.
  3. holy fuck! Its like Lord of the Rings lol sick sick slide
  4. Nice choice on the salt:smoking:
  5. What parts of MA you from? I'm from W-Boro. And I go to Burlington all the time too, GTG is by far the best place. Well, maybe there and full tank.
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    Im in the 508. I got the Illadelph at Northern Lights in B-town (Burlington)
  7. Truth, sick dude. Northern lights is a great shop too, I oogle the glass there whenever I'm in Boston longboarding. Wish I could hit somethin' as pretty as an Illy
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    I have recently updated my collection with some very nice additions. I sold my GTG bong and my Left Coast ashcatcher recently so I had some cash to get some more slides. Somone broke the Illadelph diffused downstem with the matching yellow label so I had to get a new one. I thought the new downstem was going to be crap but it makes the Illy hit so much faster. The smoke turns into a yellow bullet in seconds.

    Here is the El Hefe windowed tear drop slide. The yellow spiral matches perfectly with the Illadelph. This thing sounds like a silencer on the bong when you hit it.

    This is my Mike Fro and Sheldon Black collab slide. You can see the SB symbol engraved into the glass at the bottom.

    Here is a pic of the Salt with a loaded kief bowl.
  9. Shoulda told me u needed a downstem
  10. It happened last night i barerly could get the piece of the downstem out. We went straight into Boston after it happened next time I need a slide im going with you though. I have my eyes on one of the Snics.
  11. Just got a Toro circ/circ fixed stem with a worked Dosher section. It has the blue label which is my favorite one by Toro. This things hits like a beast. I all so got another Mike Fro slide but 18mm this time to use on my Toro.
  12. sick toro. love the rainbow fro slide.
  13. HAHAHAHA I was already going to name it Sauron now you just cemented that.

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