new roor roler

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  1. picked this up on thursday. whatcha guys think ?

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  2. I was confused at first, but thats nice a steam roller with a slide. I really like that with the ashcatcher, how doe sit hit?
  3. bought the in the mean time while my broken roor perc gets fixed. she hits nicely. its a little rought imo. its a completely different piece if you dont use the a/c
    nice though. i picked it up for 109 with tax at big als in berkely
  4. I cant imagine, i would never hit a huge dry roller like that. With the ashcatcher its tolerated though, nice and simple, i like.
  5. yeah those roor steamrollers are fucking beast, nice pickup
  6. oh, and how much didja pay for your goldcrown ac?
  7. i think i spent around 175 after tax
  8. steamroller is the most hardcore way of toking imo
    milks like a bong but no water to filter it

    they get u stoned as fuck tho with just a few fat rips
  9. My buddy has the same roor steamroller except with a lesser ashcatcher.... Yea its wicked harsh --would never smoke that without an ashcatcher unless i wanted to huuurt haha
  10. My friend has a steamroller, locally blown I think, that is around that size and we always run it dry, it fuckin destroys my lungs.
  11. yea it might be to harsh for my tastes lol
  12. looks real nice..nice pickup
  13. im in the mood to sell it. im more of a bong man.
    100 bucks straight for it.
    P.M me if anyone wants it
  14. i was just at big als this weekend. that place is fucking tight man. why you selling so soon??
  15. w/ the a/c and bowl as well or just the roller?

    i've hit both, one friend picked up same setup with the 4-arm a/c and i've owned the 4-arm and that hits some what smooth, but it's pretty rough by itself, my other friend picked one up and i've smoked his by itself w/ just a bowl.
  16. I prefer steamrollers to bongs (still love bongs). I think steamrollers are just bongs for people who aren't bitches, if you think of it.
  17. oh yea big als if fer sure my favorite smoke shop in the bay area, hands down. pig the reason i wanna sell it is honestly i just dont need it right now. i think i jumped into the buy way to fast, it should be in someones hands who would really get some use out of it.
    its really an awesome piece i just cant handle it right now, you know what i mean ?

    im selling it just the rollor and the bowl, but i think thats a decent price.

    that a/c is for my RooR baby when she gets back :)

  18. yea that would be a very true statement, so whos not a bitch :)
    lol jk
  19. that is some nice glass you got there :bongin:
  20. lol i know that feeling royale... ive bought way too much shit at big als for no reason and later regret it. too bad steam rollers arent more popular. good luck selling your piece

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