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New ROOR perc

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BostonBUDdy, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. picked this badboy up today
    Milkshots to come, grinding a bowl right now, probably will be too high to post them for a while though
    really like the three tree design of the percs
  2. that thing is bad ass! what's under the ice notches? i've never seen something like that on a bong....

    +rep for sure dude
  3. Its a splash gaurd so when the perc bubbling doeant hit you
    Oh man this shits sooo fuckin smooth, and still rips so fuckin easy, just cleared it about four times without barely noticing it, now im so fuckin high
  4. That is a sick bong. Did you get that from a shop in boston. Because I go to boston somtimes and would really like to pic up a roor with perc.
  5. Sugar Daddies
  6. dammm man that thing is much for her?
  7. lets just say i got really hooked up for the place
  8. shit that's fucking tiiiiiight
  9. sweet mother of god, that is a thing of beauty. +rep man
  10. Haha, Sugar daddy's is pretty fucking expensive - so I'm sure it was a small fortune.
  11. Man, that thing is nice. I've never seen anything like it. I saw the topic and was like "What the hell" Honestly, I said those exact words. I would like to know the price of not this exact one if you don't feel comfortable, but just a RooR with pers in general. And does it just have one, or multiple? Again, nice piece +Rep
  12. That is a sick ass RooR...rep
  13. One perc chamber the top is a splash gaurd
    When I saw the sticker i subtracted a normal discount and it was around 5 bills. Managed to get it for less though.
  14. can't really see well in the pics but the perc chamber has three stems that go down into the water all diffused so it looks like a palm tree
  15. hey guys...what does a perc. do?
  16. adds another water filering chamber
  17. damn dude, that's hella tight. nice pick
  18. Damn! That is a amazing bong man. Enjoy that.
  19. Roors are so tight. I wanna hook myself up with one of those. I bet it rips like a champ huh? Well, this deserves a bong smiley>>>:bongin:
  20. rips amazing so fucking smooth w/o any extra drag

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