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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by storm38, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. ok i have decided to build new grow rooms and am looking for any and all advice, i want 2 seperate rooms one for veg, which will have 1-400w metal halide, 1-120cfm ceriling exhaust fan, 1- 12" oscillating fan, i do plan to have my water and ballast outside the room, will be doing a drip feed. as for the flowering room i will have a 400w high pressure sodium, 2-50cfm ceiling exhaust fans 1-4" cooling fan mounted in a wall and 1-8" oscillating fan, again water will be stored outside of room with only a hose running in... i would like to know maximum size i can go for both rooms and any other hints u may be able to throw my way thanks
  2. Thats sounds like it would work. But i couldnt tell you what to do without more infromation. Are you going to have a arched roof. What is the climate and rainfall?
  3. Well as far as max size for 400watters,,,I personally like no larger than 4' x 4'....some growers do 6'x 6' ,,but at 50w per sq ft. ,6x6 does not compute to me...


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