new room fewer plants more light leave comments?

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  1. here is my room now i have fixed a lil transplanted these and hoped to get rid of the spidermites bought new soil moister control and have seeds i would really like to know genetics about sweet tooth 3x dinamic(forgot this ones name) and sweet tooth 3 X juicey(blacktooth)

    random but think this grow has potential
    other q? i have 1 cfl thats like orangish and the rest are white and dont have a 6500k or 2500k but does say 3000k randomly somewhere but idk if it has to do with the light spetrum 120v cfl's 23w ea.

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  2. All I can tell ya about genetics is that the original Sweet Tooth is from Barney's, a very well respected breed shop. Also, it won the Cannabis Cup in 2001. :smoke:
  3. u got way 2meney plants in that pot u need 2 ree pot them asap
  4. That depends on how tall he wants his plants to get. If switching to 12/12 now then you can have all those plants in the same pot. But, if you're planning to veg for a few more weeks before flowering then, yes, I agree that they should all have their own pot.

    Also, the golden rule is at least 100 (actual) watts per plant :smoke:
  5. few things you should know plants been under tremedouse stress spider mights been transplanteed 3 times i think there stundted so leabing lights on for liek a week then 12 12ing not having huge plants seond i sprayed them with hortivultureal oil and soap in water left them out of light for an hour or soo then put them back under light i am thinking i should just scrtatch um... and start over they were planted st.[atricks day outside,,?
  6. im jsut gunna throw them against a wall.. lol
    fuck them imma just replant some fucking sweetooth shit soo should be good germenating them now :D

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