New room, advice needed.

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  1. Hello.

    So i've decided to build a room inside a room in my apartment. It's going to be around 3.3meters*1.5meters and just about 2.5meters in height depending on what i do to the floor and ceiling.

    I want to make it as air tight as possible, and supply co2 myself, i have some experience with that already.

    I'm going to install 3*600w hps in 3 cooltubes.

    So i need a couple of fans in the room for air movement, no problem. I'll hang a couple of Odor sok's inthere for purification of the air, and attach some decent fans to those.

    My thought was to make isolated walls and dampen the floor (with rockwool bats or something) and the ceiling, to kill the noise vibrations. I really has to be quite muffled. And i need some quiet fan(s) for the cooltubes. I figure like 60cfm /100m2 per hour should be okay.

    It's really quite important to me that it's rather quiet, and i don't mind spending a little extra on good quiet operating fans. But i don't know the market, would appreciate a little help. Also i need a water pump of around 2000lph as quiet as possible.

    Do you thing the heat will be a problem when isolating the walls and floor?

    My current grow room is like this, but with less noise isolation, and the temps in there vary a little bit.

    Any good solution for cooling the room if it gets too hot?

    I know that was a lot, but please tell me if i'm being unrealistic about this project;) (Which i don't think i am, he he)
  2. Oh yeah...

    I'm building an aeroponic system with room for around 30 plants in there. Probably growing Cheese. The pump needs to be able to run 15 mister/sprayer thingies.

    Anything else? i don't know, you tell me :)
  3. Get a secret jardin tent that is all i can input, im not sure on how to muffle the fans
  4. Yeah, the thing is. I'm actually building this room to disguise it as much as possible. it's going to be quite secret ;)
  5. you will need forced ventilation otherwise heat and humidity will just rise and rise
  6. What do you mean by Forced ventilation?

    It's going to be 12-12 almost the entire time in the room, and i've got a dehumidifier. And the lamps are in cool tubes.
  7. forced ventilation is extraction via a fan. without it you will come up against problems

    when you say "isolating" do you mean "insulating"?
  8. Well, i may do. i'm not a native english speaker.

    The plan is to wrap the room in plastic, like my current grow. Lots of movement in the air in the room, and supply Co2. So far it's gone pretty well.

    And i want the construction to be noise-dampening, as much as possible.

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