New research shows legalized recreational marijuana a substitute for alcohol, but not tobacco

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  1. New research shows legalized recreational marijuana a substitute for alcohol, but not tobacco

    New Marketing Science Study Key Takeaways:

    R shows once recreational marijuana is legalized, the number of online searches for tobacco increase by 8%, while searches for alcohol drop by 11%.
    The findings could have an implication on sales for the alcohol and tobacco industries.
    The passing of recreational cannabis increases online searches for cannabis done by adults by 17%, but not by youth.
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  2. I agree, alcohol sales have dipped across the board in the city I live in.
  3. I literally drank everyday all day before taking up cannabis on a daily I don't remember when the last time I had a drink was.......
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  4. That's why the Alcohol lobby were so against legalization.
    They knew it would hurt their bottom line.
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  5. Hi shoeracks........nice of you to join us!
  6. You welcomed a spambot. They're easy to spot once you know the tell tale signs.
  7. Study their post, all the clues are there. See the pattern?
  8. Yeah I know...........I was being facetious......:passtheshit:
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  9. I drink quite a bit more then normal when I smoke up.
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  10. I still drink on occasion prob 1-2x a week but I’m done gettin cross faded just puts me to sleep after makin a fool of myself.
  11. I just about quit drinking after I became a dedicated smoker. When I drank, I felt like crap the next day, not so with weed!
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  12. I have to laugh, I am not new member, I have been around since early 2017. I just don ‘t speak or contribute, I listen! Mike
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  13. In my state, which is surrounded by legal states all around, we r building more and more liquor stores. Hell we even have them right off highway incorporated with a rest area. Wtf!!!!

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