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New Religion

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dopecloudkid, May 18, 2010.

  1. Lets say I were to create a new religion and my religion came from my own teachings, and everything I now about life, and lets say you would have to smoke marijuana in this religion would that make smoking marijuana legal for me because its in my religion
  2. cool story bro
  3. The Rastafarians tried it here in the US, and it didn't work.
  4. It doesn't work like that.
  5. This. I know some countries allow it to be used in religious ceremonies, but not just because you say it's "part of your religion". But good luck with all that...:rolleyes:
  6. Pretty sure it wouldn't be accepted by the government as a legitimate religion haha.

    Nice try. :smoking:
  7. im going to create a religion which states that pretty girls must have sexual relationships with me. :ey:
  8. In my religion I eat cockrash dong shit
  9. "Cock-rash dong shit"... Sounds interesting... Is there room for one more?? :wave:
  10. Haven't you heard of scientology? Everyone is making up their religions these days man.

    Go for it bro. People will believe anything.
  11. i'm down. co-founder please? :smoking:
  12. hey if u had anuff people behind u whos to say its not a true religion. religion means u believe what u want to believe and no goverment can say other wise, i would think in the u.s. with the gov and churches being separate. but who am i to say i have my own kinda religion, i think that love and peace are all u need when it comes down to it :) im sure millions of others think the same as i do so thats a religion of stones i guess lol. i think weed helps people reach god because it lets them see the good in this world and themselves.
  13. I just remembered Craig-X, ever heard of Temple 420? He actually is doing kinda what you want here in Cali, al lot of the members have club cards and i think that they actually have a dcotor on site to write prescriptions :D. It's more or less christianityXjudaismXherbology lol
  14. I think in my religion, I would believe in "reaching nirvana" through the use of cannabis, and spreading love all around the place you go, and using their mental abilities their is going to be the 3 commandments

    1.Seek Knowledge, Wherever Thou Shall Be
    2. Spread Love, Wherever Thou Shall Are
    3.Strive To Reach Nirvana, Thou Shall Try At All Times

    Oh and their rules to, Our holy day will be Friday, and every friday it required you try and reach nirvana through cannabis and very Friday, people will go to our place of worship which we will call Ganjaz and people will try and reach nirvana their through smoke sess. with other fellow (I just realized I haven't name the religion yet) "Euphorics" . (Religion will be called Euphoria). In Euphoria, your biggest sin is stealing because you can steal a mans life (killing) you can steal someones right from the truth (lying) and so on. but if your reason is justified then it will be ok and we will forgive you, ok fellow toker add on things to this if I missed any
  15. It doesn't matter your religion, nothing overpowers US government.
  16. Uhhh is that temple 420 thing legit? Like I checked their About... I don't know... the link was broken to it even haha it had htm as the extention so i was like maybe html will work and it did
  17. #17 DarthBizzle, May 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2010

    [ame=""]YouTube- Temple 420 Sermon One[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- Sermon 2[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- Craig X Documentary 1st Edit[/ame]

    Idk, doesn't sound too relegious to me, make your own judgments lol.
  18. That's not fair because the government permits the use of DMT & peyote to Native Americans for "religious purposes" only... this is discrimination!!!! They're just afraid the people would end becoming Rasta & inevitably end up burning down babylon :hello:
  19. Naaaa brethren the biggest sin shall be stealing the sacred herb from your neighbor!:hello:
  20. i wanna make a religion were you can do anything in your own house aslong as it is not harmful to others around you. wait i think there is a country that is suppose to be like this but isnt......

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