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  1. :hello: Cause we love redheads! Daywalkers are welcome!

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  2. I am going to be following this thread.
  3. This should be "ginger appreciation thread".
  4. No Gingers....daywalker lmfao
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    faye reagan anyone?
    suggestion: google her, she looks fucking great naked
  6. Please take that pic above faye down
  7. happy? i saw the other chick in sports illustrated swimsuit one and she looked significantly better there....
  8. Only red head I like is that chick from Desperate Housewives.
  9. Fuck Red heads.


    Fucking women of the devil.
  10. My girlfriend is a red head, not natural, she has that Haily Williams thing going on. She's fucking gorgeous.
  11. i used to barista at a bank, like we were a local shop they hired to serve basically all to business people in the building we were in.

    this one banker, oh my god. she was...indescribable. gorgeous. her all professional outfits made her sooo much hotter too. they were so sexy that it was okay she dressed that sexy. she was like 25 something, but so incredibly fine.

    like, no one was complaining' to human resources about her cleavage in her company.
    i was an 18 yr old at the time, every time she came in for her latte, if i was working with someone we both right away gave each other the "hot read head" look; or if i was alone i flirted with her hardcore.
  12. I appreciated that sack untill it got that low.
  13. Redheads and Reefer! The perfect combination!
  14. more love!

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  15. Mmmmmmmm hey now Funky Town. D-town right ova here.:cool:
  16. Kari from mythbusters is sooo sexy


    and this random chick i found

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